24 May 2009

Getting it ready

I am a person who totally falls apart if I do not have things done when they need to be done. I do NOT like to put things off. Now there are times when I forget to do stuff, but trust me that is NOT done intentionally. Here is the deal...a tad over 2 weeks until vacation and I have completed the packing list, finished the tours plans, decided where we are going on which days, and begun the packing. I am feeling pretty good about all of it. Today I am going to clear up the memory cards (planning on taking about 1500 pictures). And logging some of photos into picasa so that I can "fix" them.

Also today, I plan on finalizing the dinner plans. So far I have booked the Crystal Palace, Garden Grill, and 1900 Park Fare. I had reservations at Sci fi but cancelled them...and still trying for Chef Mickey's (kids really want to eat there). Thought about the Tusker House too. Problem is it is soooo close that I am just taking what is left. Now here is where the problem is. I made reservations 90 days ago! And my husband was NOT finished researching on his part, so I have had to change them....when he read reviews. Now he is almost finished with his Disney guide and we will see if I have to change them again. The pickings are getting slim. I could not even get into Mickey's bbq or to the Hoop dee do show at this point. Actually I was not too keen on spending that much money at a dinner with the picky family that I have anyway...I just really wanted to go.

The Disney stuff came in the mail. We have our luggage tags, our free 5x7 photo, free golf, free arcade time, and hotel certificates. We are almost there...wow, I am soo excited! This is amazing. Disney for a week, a GMC Acadia, and STAR WARS weekends. We found out that Jango Fett will be there. Trevor loves Jango! We have to get his autograph. Don't know if we will get any of the Star Wars limited edition toys, but we aim to get the auto.

Enough of this....I have much to do.