04 June 2009

blackworking at the fair

I have been entering county or state fairs for about 17 years (this is the 17th). I have won many, many great prizes and had at least 2 articles published about my stuff. Even won top prize in a state fair. When I moved to McCracken county, I begged folks in charge to add categories that can expand folks talents and keep "lost arts" going. Finally, after 8 years of letters, calls, and verbal conversation...McCracken County has added "new" categories. I am very excited about this, however; I am still waiting for the blackwork.

But I believe I am one of the only ones in this area, folks look at me like I am stupid when I ask about patterns or charts. I design my own now, so if you do blackwork and want to buy one look me up...I will even try a custom one for you. I do know that no one will call, NO ONE does blackwork...did I just ramble? OH YEAH...

Kudos to the folks in charge at the fair. I will be there signing in my stuff like every year and I encourage you to do the same. Showing off your God given talents is wonderful. You might inspire someone to take up your craft or teach someone a new technique or maybe make a new friend. You can even earn a little extra spending cash that you can put back into your craft.

Don't forget to visit the fair too! It is a great community event and a whole lot of fun. Look at the craft building. Praise the children for their 4-H work...and expand your knowledge of handicrafts.

If you are reading this and do blackwork...please contact me! This is a needlecraft that I am thrilled to do and love to see others work. I am very proud to say that my stuff is completely reversable. I have worked hard to accomplish that...and I really want to see the blackwork of others and maybe gain a source of purchasing patterns.

For those others, support your local county fair. www.mccrackencountyfair.com

This photo is NOT my work, but a pattern that I am going to buy. I think she is so beautiful.