24 June 2009

Dinner time

Here comes another great part of vacationing...the food. I have very detailed things of all of the food that we ate, but I won't bore you with tons of details. I will let you know how I felt about the "big" meals but only the ones at Walt Disney World. Not about the Sizzler or the others on 192.

When we first arrived at the park, we had dinner reservations over at Fort Wilderness Lodge. We got on the resort ferry and headed over to the fort. Pioneer Hall is not very far off the dock (it's also where you can see Hoop dee do, which I also reccomend).

Once we approached the hostess we were seated at that moment no waiting. That was wonderful because the restaurant was busy and so was the waiting area. The server gave us our sodas and directed us to the buffet line. WOW!!! What a salad bar! They had iceburg (blah), and then a combination of red, green, romaine, a few other lettuces, but also included ENDIVE! My favorite lettuce...yummy. The blue cheese dressing was nice and lumpy with clumps of blue cheese too. Double yummy.

I then made my way over to the food part. There was fried chicken, ribs (which I did not try), macaroni and cheese, carrots, and many other veggies. For a surprise they brought John and I a strawberry shortcake (which if I eat, I will DIE)...but the thought was very wonderful just the same.

The second day...Hannah and I were on our own...we ate lunch at the sunshine seasons. I have always eaten here every time that I have ever been to EPCOT. It has evolved many times over the years. The last time they had a potato bar place that was great, but this time was way better. It started with the set up. It was set up like a cafetria style place. You grabbed this, then that, then you paid. I had the tuna salad, a garden salad, and chocolate cake. Hannah had chicken and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were again the red skined and very tasty. My tuna was smashing. But the salad was best of all, and what I was looking forward to. It was grown here in the greenhouses of the Land. The tomatoes had a sweet flavor, and the lettuce was so so so good. As a matter of a fact, I also had this meal the very last day of our trip because it was so good.

That evening Hannah and I headed upstairs to the Garden Grill. I had looked forward to this meal more than any that I was going to do. Character dinner, with a fresh Land grown salad, and a revolving restaurant. We were again seated with no waiting. We went right over to the table for 2 sit down and Luis was there in a blink of an eye. He brought out the rolls and got our drink order. I did order Hannah the kids meal buffet because I knew she would not eat the adult one. This buffet was family style...meaning they bring dishes of food to your table to get your food from. The dishes are for the whole family. You serve yourself without getting up and getting in a buffet line. I love it!!! The salad was served first. A big salad with the greenhouse grown lettuces, arugala, endive, romaine, red, green, and musclan (I probably did not spell that right). The dressing was a house type; sort of a vinagarette...very tastly slightly peppery. I ate the whole big bowl. Then Luis brought the food. I had a large dish of turkey and dressing with the best cranberry stuff I have ever tasted (I had second on the cranberry stuff), a flank steak (okay), and spicy catfish (fair). I ate at this food and asked for more salad (actally 2 more big ones). Dessert was a blueberry crumble cake with homemade ice cream. This was good as well, it had FRESH blueberries in it. I really enjoyed it, but it was too much after 3 big salads and I could not eat it all.

Most other times we ate at snack carts, McDonalds, and once an the sizzler. I will tell you the Electric Umbrella (in Epcot) is still good all these years later. NO PIZZA though. Pecos Bill's always has a good meal. They have burgers with are average, but then they have a fixins bar that is outstanding. Freshly grilled onions, sauted mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, catsup, and many other "surprise" toppings. I love the toppings bar.

The surprise pick of our trip was Liberty Tavern. I had to do something over here since I was heartbroken about the hall of Presidents so off to Libety Tree Tavern we go. I was NOT disappointed. It was beautifully decorated. I had a great big salad, John and Hannah had some BBQ thingy...very good.

I was very please that the quality was good overall. Some needed work but for the most part good. High? Maybe, but you got what you paid for. Portions were TOO large so share if you have a problem with the price.

Drinks were overpriced, but it was so hot, you had to pay it