03 June 2009

Life these days

My mind is SPINNING with things to talk about today. I am sure this will ramble just because the thoughts are literally spilling out of my head. Last night my dreams were just full of this junk so you get to be the person to read about them today.

1. I can't believe that I forgot to tivo the Obama White House show. I had all the expectations of what would happen and what they would show and man, I forgot all about it, but I did get Conan.

2. That brings me to the next topic. Green Day!!! Go Conan! I am a fan of theirs and enjoyed it very much. Billie Joe running into the audience, I probably would have grabbed for his guitar and I could have played "This land is your land" for him. Anyway, that is 2 shows that they have been on lately and I have loved seeing them. As for Conan...he is doing fine. He kept his theme song, I was worried he would get rid of it. WHEW!!! He has not tried to change anything...kept being just Conan and I am liking it very much. Glad you are back. And glad I have Green Day on the DVR!

3. Packing...I am almost completely finished with this. My husband is the hold up and the one messing me up. He has until Sunday and then he packs himself.

4. Airplanes!!! Scared to death of them. Have to fly on one in a week. What am I going to do? Everytime before we fly there is a crash. I am starting to be a wreck and starting to see that I am having trouble sleeping because I am thinking about it. I HATE flying!

5. My cats biting has gotten increasingly more frequent...can anyone figure that one out. She is biting EVERY day now. Don't know what is going to happen there.

6. After 7 months of no playground the guys are finally coming today. Our playground will actually be better than the minimum state requirements which thrills me to death. WHY? Most injuries happen on playgrounds so we will be better prepared to keep the children safe. Now, I have to keep telling my parents flip flops are not allowed and these children will be better equipped to be safe. Accidents will happen but I hope not from equipment that is substandard, or fall zones that are too short or not thick enough to substain a child during a fall. WOW!!! Olivet will probably have one of the best playground in Paducah. WE ROCK!!!

7. There is a man letting his dog poop in my yard...and I just asked him not too...is that evil? NO, I just don't like poop in my yard.

8. I think one of my friends hit my neighbors dog. This was a dog would POOPED on my sidewalk. A dog who tried to come in my house. A dog my son was terrified of. A dog that I myself almost hit once. WHOOPS!

9. I am not a dog person can you tell? I do love cats though...if they don't bite. Jennifers cat is nice. I say cat because one pees on the floor and I don't like that either.

10. OH MY just a few more days until Disney. Hannah and I are going to spend the whole day alone one day. John and Trevor are heading down to Miami to catch Albert play. Trevor is almost excited about that as I am about going to EPCOT. I sure hope that Heidi looks us up...she rocks! Gosh, she makes me laugh and maybe she (or her husband) will ride the roller coasters with John. YAY!

11. Tom Hanks is very funny. He is being all goofy on Conan, but did you see him on SNL the other night? He was playing jeopardy and he was sooooo funny.

12. Today is Trevor's eye appointment. My only hope? 20/50. I want him to improve enough where the dr (and mom) is comfortable that the drops or the patch is working. I want him to also come up with a plan that lets him see the ball when he bats. I hate it when he comes home saying "I stink" or "why am I on the team" cause he misses the ball. Poor kid...just let him get a hit and he will feel better. And when he feels better mom will feel better. His confidence is just a little shaken and it is heartbreaking.

13. Yay, the Olivet staff is the best EVER! Thinking about how hard those girls work and all the things that they do for the kids is amazing. Some of those girls have taken it upon themselves to buy some of the things that we need to get ready for STARS with their own money. I am amazed at the dedication of these girls. Most of them are totally embracing the STARS thing and preparing their room and trying very hard to "retrain" their brains to do the rooms different and approaching the teaching aspect from a new angle. We are trying hard to get ready for universal pre k Mr Obama and Mr Baesher ( I am sure I spelled that wrong)...just remember how great OLIVET is when you give out those universal pre k grants and nods will you?

14. After the New Moon trailer, I have decided to start the books over again. Crazy I know, but I do enjoy them. The trailer was amazing. I noticed that they strayed from the book a tad...no usually ok with that, but we will see where it goes. I am going to the midnight showing...WHY? Cause I love it!

15. Law and Order SVU season finale last night...will Mariska and Chris come back? I am not so sure. I do love the new crazy Dale dude. He is sooo funny. This show is still wonderful after all these years. I am watching it now so I cannot comment on how much I liked the show...I just know Stuckey messed up.

16. Is there anything Brooke Shields will NOT plug? She is on sooo many commericals now...Colgate, VW, Coopertone, Bare Minerals, Proactive, and I saw a new one yesterday but I forgot what.

17. I love OWLS, has anyone ever told you that? I was looking through my scrapbook pages, I have either made owls, or put owls on every 4 out of 10 pages. CRAZY! Crazier that I counted them to see how many.

18. Scrapbooking...my friend and I will scrapbook Saturday night. We are excited it is the first time since May 8 because of plays, school stuff, vacations, or baseball games. She will be amazed at home many pages I have finished since we last scrapped. I finished a whole container of packets. I will have to put more packets together on Friday. See, I put all my paper, photos, embellishments, layout sketch, and fonts in a paperclip and put everything together. Grab a packet and you have everything to do a layout.

19. Bottled water...I must buy more today.

20. I have not had a seizure in a year. I am so excited about that. I have tried very much to eat every 2 hours, and if I cannot do that I will eat a more than I would otherwise. I have not had one episode of blood sugar drops or dehydration issues. Now that does worry me about the whole Disney thing. I will not be able to afford to eat as often as I need to..and the drink thing might be a problem if I don't find a Brita water thingy...someone is spoiled and needs bottled water. My husband made me that way. I have my peanut butter crackers packed. My prescription for water and food on the plane...that part worries me too about flying without food if they won't accept the scrip. I have not had problems with that yet, but you never know. Anixety tends to make me plummet too...Why? Dr Tolar has not been able to figure out a common bond for plummenting but we have found a way to block most of them. I will take a pill before getting on the plane and that SHOULD help (my stomach is getting upset just thinking about that plane). I also have some gluclose pills that might make it go up if I plummet. Dropping in the air is very dangerous because I get dehydrated. Dehydration leads to seizure most of the time. Seizures lead to getting kicked off the plane and that would stink! It has happened before and it is not pretty.

Another thing is that I can't take allergy meds before the flight...that helps to lead to dehydration...great snot nose all over the plane. GREAT!!! 7 days! I will not let it overshadow the Disney part. Will not, will not!

Maybe I am done for today. Maybe I have bored you enough. Maybe, maybe. Before I go, please say thanks to the folks that volunteer their time with your kids. Please say a thank you to your child's teacher (this includes child care provider) for all they do. If you see any of my staff today, please tell them how great they are. And have a great day.