28 June 2009

Stories of Walt Disney World

Well, I have given my reviews...now it is time to give you some stories of our trip. Day one...the flight was ok, only one spot did I have issues with the flying. I did land, text my friends (a very incoherent message) and we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom. I slept all the way because that pill make me bonkers. When I awoke we were at the hotel unpacking. The unpacking process was quick and then we whisked ourselves to the Magic Kind om because we wanted too! We did the Carousel of Progress (one of my all time faves)...STitch, and Buzz lightyear (we only missed one tomorrowland ride and that was because I will never again....Space Mt and TTA were in refurb). Then we board a ferry to Fort Wilderness for dinner. See nothing much going on here. Dinner was great...we shopped a little at the campground, then took a ferry back to the kingdom. Still nothing! We rode many more rides all in Fantasy Land. Still nothing going on right? We then went to Adventure land...I wanted so much to do the Jungle Cruise at night (it is way more fun at night). I was so lucky (thanks to Trevor's GAC) to land a seat next to the guide. He and I bantered the whole trip. My "Disney" training kicked right back in, and I became the "class clown". I LOVED IT. For those of you that don't know...I have CAS or Center of Attention Syndrome. LOVE THE SPOTLIGHT!!!

At 1 am the park closed and we made our way to the exit. My body gives me serious issues when it is too hot or too cold, that is a fact that you must know. And I hate the ferry from MK to the TTC (Ticket and Transportation center). EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have ridden it I have "ISSUES"...every time!!! I told john that I did not think it was a good idea, but the monorail line was HUGE! We got into line for the ferry...it was a long line. Disney likes to cram people in the smallest space it can...the cm kept saying, "move up and to the left"...we had so many people in there, no air, B.O....it was a nightmare. I could feel it, down I went! We did get to the front of the line, but I felt like crap. I did not have a seizure just got too hot. This was issue #1

I was very careful to go inside every time that I felt "weak" for the rest of the trip...good thing it was sooo hot. Even bought a $17 fan to keep cool with, and it was worth every penny.

Day #2, Hannah and I were alone since the boys took a road trip to Miami to see the Cardinals. When we first entered Epcot...Dave the purse inspector was singing...sorry, can't sing but can't help myself...I started singing with him. "oh, what a beautiful morning". I was having so much fun being in "Disney" mode. I enjoyed engaging the CM's in conversations at every chance that I had.

Hannah and I took a Gardening tour, and Hannah was bored to death! I was very proud that some of what my mom had taught me rubbed off. I got 4 out of 6 right on the guess what plant quiz. They were all herbs, thanks Granny!

We had dinner reservations at the Garden Grill in Epcot. I knew I was going to embarrass my tween daughter as soon as I made the reservation. It would only be worse because dad was not going to be there to control me. When Pluto came around the first time...I was fine, I said nothing that would drive my child crazy....but when Chip and Dale came by...I got a little whack. Dale and I go way back (I know it's a different Dale now but we do). I told Dale he was my new favorite because he "kissed" me upon sight because I had my "dale" page ready to go. Dale and I "flirted" for a bit and then Mickey came over. Mickey and Dale each pulled on my arm fighting over me, YES!!!!! I then told Mickey that he was my new favorite leaving my beautiful daughter mortified that I love Disney stuff so much. Mickey sat with me for a bit, then left promising to return. Both he and Dale did return and we went through the same circle again. My poor child wanted to throw me over the railing of the revolving restaurant!!! However, her heart was about to be won over...Dale "broke" up with me and started in on my child...she was in love. He flirted, kissed, hugged, and made great photos with my baby. This $91 meal was worth EVERY penny.

Day #3...Animal Kingdom...We did the touring plans and did all the big rides by noon. Then we slowed down and looked about. We saw Turk standing on a trail and the CM encouraged us to go up the path...WHO was up the path? OMG....Baloo and King Louie...my all time favorite Disney movie characters. I was hoping to see them months ago and determined to make it happen...I bought "Jungle Book" stickers (expensive ones) in hopes for this glorious event. Mission Accomplished!!!

Day #4...The Studios, the reason we planned this trip in the summer. STAR WARS weekends!!! I knew we would have 2 days here so I planned my days to the letter. First up was a storm trooper. I was very lucky to have encountered one as he was exiting "backstage" so I was he first guest. He was to go to his queue but I nabbed him first and made him pose. Next up Sand People...I was a bit frightened of him...he was so in character. I asked to have my picture and he grunted, then he held his weapon up at me in a threatening way. He held it over his head and my husband got the shot of the two of us (with Trevor too). It was crazy, but hey mark it off your list. Next the Big Dogs!!! Vader, check; Anakin, check; Amedalia, check; ewok, check; Jango, check. Good job! I only missed Chewy! I got bonuses too, the Cantina band, a speeder bike (I have had my picture taken on this bike many times...they just moved it for the event...it usually is right outside of Tatooine Traders. Got R2D2, Asoka Tano, and SHAKK Ti (my all time fave SW character). Day #5, back to the Studios...we watched the opening ceremony with the troopers guarding the park. Saw Jedi Mickey, Leia Minnie, Vader Goofy, and Trooper Donald. More guests were dressed up today giving the park bonuses. Rode Toy Story Mania 3 times...it was our favorite ride in this park (everyone but mine the whole trip). Did the animation tour and got to the front of the line for Sorcerer Mickey. Hannah went first...Mickey admired her new SW tshirt and pointed to R2D2 and gave a thumbs up. R2D2 was his favorite he let us know. He kissed on my sweet child and then it was my turn. Hey, I took my own turn, I did not go up with my kids. I went up to Mickey and he pointed to my Happy Anniversary button. He "asked" how many years and I told him "16! But Mickey I love you most!" He pointed to the mickey and Minnie on my button and did the "break up" sign. He was saying he and Minnie broke up. I said "for me?". He shook his head "yes". I asked, "will you come home with me?" "Yes" he shook. He grabbed my arm and put it around his arm and began to walk me backstage. The photgo was snapping photos of this wonderful moment. I asked Mickey if he "loved me best", and again he shook his head "yes", but there was trouble....right outside the backstage area was a man. A man wearing a "happy anniversary" button like mine. A man whose job it was to take pictures of my encounter with Mickey. He put his fists up to my new boyfriend, and my new boyfriend shrieked back like a .....like a MOUSE! Mickey kissed me goodbye, and I had to leave with the man. Good thing, cause the man paid for my trip. Mickey I love you.

Day #6 Back to the Epcot...our friends were there. And more character encounters...Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Mary Poppins, gosh, I have lost track of the others will have to look at the pictures. I spent $50 for Disney cds, and then more for scrapbook stickers. Got flashed by a CM that was wearing a tshirt that I bought. He pulled off his costume and I saw it all. He was embarrassed, but I said it is ok. When I went back later that evening to the same store to buy water, he had remembered me, "guess I really made a lasting impression and you came back for more." "you know it" I said. He was sweet and funny! Saw my 4th British Invasion show today. And for the 4th time had my picture made with the band. "Paul" loved my Beatles shirt. And actually I tried to buy a new one, the store had FOUR on display. I asked about them..."we don't have those in stock". Not in stock but on display...yeah that works!

Day #7 A little bit of everything. We did the Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. I met up with the British Invasion show, and they remembered me too. "John" called me their "groupie". "Paul" was saying "please tell guest relations how much you love us" (I did!!)

Day #8...the plane...this was messed up from the get go. Times were changed and my husband had no clue of how far away from the airport we were. I was doing ok, until I looked at the clock and realized that the plane was supposed to take off in 40 minutes and we were not at the airport. I began the freak out. John had told me that I could get something to eat at the airport, so I had nothing, and could not take my "happy" pill. I could feel it, feel the pulsing in my heart and the nervousness building up. We arrived at the airport with 15 minutes to spare (before take off). The bags went through the TSA fine, that's the checked bags. We got to security and BOTH of the kids DVD players had to be inspected, this has NEVER happened before even in Orlando international or Sea-Tac! We made that part only one piece to go....the ids. My id was fine and he waved me on...John's was a problem his did not have a security strip in it. He was a week from needing a new one anyway. The guy kept him there and John sent Hannah and I on. Hannah and I boarded the plane...by now I am hyperventilating. I told Hannah, "hang onto you bag, if he does not make it, I WILL get us off this plane" Finally at the last second he makes it. By then I have had no food (blood sugar), no pill (anxiety), and no sleep. I am doomed to fail. I tried so hard to hold it together cause I was sitting with Hannah. John and Trevor were sitting elsewhere. But that flight attendant said to the folks in front of you, "are you sure that you could help people off this plane in the event of a crash?" That was it! I looked back and John and said "I have to get off NOW!" He said to hang on...I could not! I was breathing so fast, and then the tears came. I said, "I am not supposed to be here, I have to get off". He asked if he could switch seats and asked for water and food. I downed a whole bottle of water in one drink SERIOUSLY! The next parts make me look freaky but I had a full blown anxiety attack. I finally had enough food that I could take my pill, and I cried until I fell asleep. I hate flying! Hate it more than anything! Why could I not take my pill before and then I would remember none of it. Lesson learned! Take the pill the night before. Even if you are a zombie the day of, at least YOU won't know it! I did make it, but I am telling you flashbacks of Final Destination came to me...did any of you know that when I saw that movie the first time, my water broke and my son was born 3.5 weeks early because I was so freaked out about it? Airplanes...blah!!!