26 June 2009

Throw back to the 70's and 80's

I remember as a child going through Woolco here in Paducah KY. I remember looking at the dolls (a barbie type/size doll). She was so pretty. She had big hair (which even then I loved). A red jumpsuit (polyester), and wonderful white high heels. I wanted her so much. Begged for her...but was told no. Every time we went to Kmart I would see her. She wanted so much to come to my house (trailer) and play. However, I am guessing she was expensive. After all I had the Superstar Barbie, the Donnie and Marie, the Bionic Woman, even the Wonder Woman (which I also had wanted so badly), but not HER! I wanted HER!!!! She even had "fluffy" eyelashes! She was perfect!

Well, come Christmas time we were at my grandparents opening gifts. In most years we opened gifts in an old converted garage. This was way before that. So how old was I? 5? I bet so! Well, we are opening the gifts and there is one for me! I open it up.....THERE SHE IS! SHE IS MINE! My very own FARRAH! She was way better than I had imagined. She had a red jumpsuit on, but also came with a blue evening gown (polyester), and a red dress. She was the most perfect toy (and wonder woman was the bomb)...that I could have. Farrah and I spent a long time together. But eventually she got a cracked neck and just fell apart. I had to throw her away. However, to this day, I have all 3 of her great outfits. I loved you Farrah.

Then in 82' when I was much older, I got a poster for my birthday. A poster of a dude in a pink sweater, and I believe blue jeans. He had on a button down shirt under the sweater but the color escapes me. I must tell you, this poster started a craze of hanging posters all over my wall. This one had prominence directly over the bed (at least until 86' when Def Leppard hung in that spot). I would dream that I would marry him. He could dance wonderfully. I was amazed even then by his talent. Of course at that time he was not labeled as "weird" so it was great. Near the end of 85' at Christmas time again, I got a gift from Santa that I was so excited to have. I got the Michael Jackson doll. He wore the Blue sequined jacket from the awards show. For my birthday I got another one...This was the thriller one. I love both of them. I played with them so much that the awards outfit tore up (it was poorly constructed). Then the dolls started falling apart...one spilt up his torso and just literally fell to pieces. The other cracked in the chest, but I do still have it. The thriller outfit fared well all these years. It was a pleather type thing, and held up so great. I still have it and my one MJ doll. There was a time that I could say that I had every MJ album available, you know I may still have all but the last one (only most are LPs). I was a huge fan of his a well, even when he got creepy I was amazed by his talent and writing ability. I was however ticked at him when he got the Beatles song rights. I have hoped for years that Paul would have those. I think that is what is right. Paul and John were swindled out of those rights and I am hoping that maybe the estate would sell them. I am sure Yoko and Paul would pay alot for them. They should have them since THEY wrote them. It is their art, but that is an argument for another day.

Anyway, today I mourn the lost of a piece of my childhood. I pray for their families. MJ had very small children, I pray that they are cared for and not taken advantage of. Farrah's son sits in prison, I pray he gets his life on track and becomes drug free. It is very shocking about both, sort of a surreal feeling that I am feeling today.

Thank you both for entertaining me. Thank you Farrah...for having great hair, and perfect teeth, for creating movies that I will never forget. Thanks for being one of my favorite little dolls and making me so happy as a child.

Michael, thank you for Thriller...what an amazing record that I still listen to today. It was just in my cd player less than 2 weeks ago. Thank you for a cheap little doll that I had lots of fun playing with (you know I killed you off the top of the Barbie house balcony when the torso split....that was such a poorly made doll), thank you for your dancing....words can't describe how wonderful it was, thank you for drawing a picture of Paul McCartney that I think it so cool...but not thank you for getting the Beatles songs. I pray that all those allegations aganist you were never true today, but shall not talk about that because it makes me very sad.