06 June 2009

A toilet bowl story

Today I was sitting on the couch doing my disney plans...finalizing the confirmations...and just generally being busy...and my husband comes into the living room. "Come here right now" he states in a very firm voice. Who knows what he wanted, so I ignored him. He said "come here NOW!" I get up and follow him..The bathroom door is closed. "open the door" he says. I open the door and say "what". I was thinking probably the pipes were stopped up or something. I told him that I did not see anything. He angled my head to look at the back of the toilet...on the toilet brush was a MOUSE! A mouse with very large eyes and a tail at least 5 inches long....BLAH!!! I ran to grab the camera, and he ran to grab the cat. I told him the cat could not do anything she had no claws. His reasoning was that she bites every single person, why would she not bite this thing. Well, I get the camera ready and the cat starts looking at the mouse. Interested she is...she goes up to the mouse and the mouse jumps from the brush to the plumbing pipe. They just look at each other. John threw a cup at the mouse and it started running....so did I!!! I got out of the bathroom as fast as I could. I heard all types of noise coming out of there. I opened the door at one point and saw all types of stuff all over the place. I just got tired of waiting and needed to scrapbook anyway, so I left for good. About 20 minutes later, john came out of the bathroom carrying a toilet wipe box. I asked him where the mouse was and he handed me the box. I reached for it and it moved! The stinking mouse was in that box. I grabbed the duct tape and taped it shut!!! TIGHT!!! And he placed it in the trash can. In just about 5 minutes, Emily came over and I was telling the story. Emily said, "where is the mouse?" "In the trash can" I told her. Golly gee, if that kid did not go to the trash and remove it and bring it back into my house. GET OUT OF HERE!!!! She begged her mom to take it home and her mom said no, but she did take her to a field to release it in the wild. The cat? The cat keeps going back to the bathroom, she is in mourning of her long gone friend...and if he comes back I will KILL him.