22 June 2009

TRIED over and over and over

Well, here it comes....my review of Disney PART 1.

Now we spent so much time here that there is NO way on Earth that I can do it all in one blog.

First off is the resort...Coronado Springs

I had read mixed reviews of the hotel and was a tad worried...but I had done my homework. I knew that they had just finished remodeling the Casitas buildings and I requested a room in these buildings. The new rooms featured QUEEN beds instead of Full....a totally redone decor (which is great because the former featured alot of yellow and I hate yellow just a tad more than white). And the decor was VERY dated. The new decor was a MODERN twist on the Spanish influence. There were Aztec type symbols and hidden mickeys in the room as well. The colors featured were a very soothing turquoise blue, with dark mahogoney wood. It was very classy...and way better than the off white with yellow that was previously featured. The story seemed to be you are in the west, near the gulf resting (siestas). Surrounded by palm trees, white sands, and hammocks. The pool was heavily Mayan influenced and featured the standard pyramid. This main pool was called the Dig Site. And it does feature the longest water slide on any WDW property. This whole area was very well done. Not enough shade for us vampires, but the sunbathers I am sure where thrilled as there were plenty of seats/chairs.

The main building contained a lovely market type restaurant where a family could choose from many different types of foods. We did not get to eat here because there was NO time. I did however, peruse the gift store. WONDERFUL selection. As great as a Disney Store, and I know Disney Stores, so trust me on this one. I did see a monorail shirt that I failed to buy..stupid. Please stand clear of the doors, por favor (I can say the rest but can't spell it). Dummy, why did you not get it?

I was entirely please with the hotel, the staff, and the design. I give this resort an A...outstanding!!!!

Part 2 is coming...it's about the staff...
The lobby was a tad plain after such a great show, of course you really are only here twice so maybe that was the plan.

My first encounters were just fine, not complaints or anything. The first real one that we conversed with was Drew. He worked at Guest Relations where I was trying to obtain my (Guest Assistance Card). I was explaining what I needed and he said, that I did not need to do that just tell me what the doctor wanted my guest card to do. He did it! Wonderful guy…kudos to you.

The second member that caught my eye was the second day. It was blazing hot and I know that usually there are running the EPCOT monorail platform. Today there was one guy. I mentioned to him, where is your co worker. He explained that while “you people” are still coming here in has decided to lay off a bunch of “folks and make me do the job of 3 people even though you people are still coming”. Michelle say “what”? Shocked I was, but he did not stop there. His Disney bashing continued inside the cockpit of the train where Hannah and I were waiting for the pilot to start this tour. I could not believe the things that these 2 guys were saying about the company in front of 2 guests. He had no clue that I was a former CM…I was just a regular guest who was bitten by the Disney Magic. He must have missed his brain washing training sessions.

Next on the list came later that day…Joe! I made the same comment to Joe about the heat and he being alone. He must have passed his training…”I may be a little hot, but I am getting all kinds of exercise and get to talk to nice folks like you.” Joe, you are great!! And the sweat was pouring down from his face and neck. He was wiping it with a towel.

Weston was the next pilot of the day! Can we say “amazing”? He welcomed us to the cockpit. Told us monorail history, about the workings of the trains, a little about the resorts, about the history of the trains, and how they brought new trains to the tracks. He was amazing. He also let us ride on the monorail through 2 loops on the resort line without making us leave the cockpit. We did allow 2 other girls to join us for a while, but we stayed on. In all my years of riding in the front, he is without a doubt the best one ever. I thought he was a tiny kid that was new to this because he looked so young, was very short too, and was so forthcoming with knowledge. He told me he had been here for 10 years!!! WOW!!! WESTON!!!

The next great cast members---can I call them that? Was the group British Invasion!

I am not sure if I had seen them before or not. I sure thought I had UNTIL they took the stage. I was totally blown away. They did not look like the Beatles, but the sound, and the were all John, Paul, and George (I could never see Ringo as he was far behind and it was a tiny stage). I saw them every day that we went to Epcot, 5 times! Every time I asked to have my picture made with them...no problem. And I told them how much I enjoyed the show. Finally at the last show, I asked again for a photo opp..."john" played by Sean, said, you have been here every day, you are our groupie. And Paul asked me to tell Guest Relations how much I love them. NO PROB there! Please if you go to Epcot and are a fan of the Beatles....check them out. Don't expect to buy a girls Beatles shirt though. Even though they have 4 on display. They have NONE of those shirts in stock. Only a Beatles jacket and a yellow submarine shirt. They did have a cute yellow submarine ice cube tray, and cookie cutter, but they were very high. As with any Disney trip, there were both folks that were above and beyond and the hum hum ones. I must say only ONE person did not understand me, and of course this was at Peco's Bill. He had a thick accent, I have a country one, and it was hopeless. I did not get what I ordered, and he did not understand my complaints either. That was a tough one! The food was good...oh that is my next blog. FOOD!!!