24 July 2009

A fried egg with the middle loose

I have many many things running through my mind today. However, the brain is a tad fried, a bit like an egg with the middle loose. Crusty on the outside, but it you touch it all the middle will ooze into a large puddle at your feet. I am literally DEAD tired; but I am hanging on cause my daughter is at the movies and I have to wait up until she gets home.

So what am I doing to stay awake? First of all, I have uploaded every photo that I have yet to print. Cool...the rest of Disney and July 4 and my LATE birthday celebration at Red Robin. If I print all of them it will be over $40 so I am going to print most of them.

Tomorrow I am going to Mandy's wedding. It is a strange rite of passage...Mandy was just in high school when I met her, a small little child playing in the high school band. Strange that tomorrow she will be a married woman.

Then I am thinking (my mind is very ADD right now), about song lyrics...some of them are downright stupid, but I just keep on singing them. I will list some of the stupid songs on my playlist now.
1. Super Trooper-ABBA
2. Who is it-MJ
3. Rockstar-nickelback (this is not a clean song)
4. Let's get rocked-Def Lep
5. You know my name, look up the number-The Beatles
6. 1984--Wings
7. CAn you feel it?-the Jacksons
8. Who'll stop the rain?-CCR
9. Bop til you drop-yes, it's a kids song I do not care, I like it
10. Soarin-WDW
11. Splash mountain medley-WDW
12. Dirty Diana-MJ
13. Tug of War-Paul
14. Action-The Sweet
15. Jeepster-T Rex
16. Give Ireland back to the Irish-Paul
17. 15 step-Radiohead
18. Foolin-Def Lep
19. smooth criminal-MJ
20. Flightless Bird, American Mouth

These are subject to change at a moment's notice. I expect any day I will go to a mainly Def Lep list as I am just a few days out from seeing them live.

Thinking about my son too, he has decided to give football a try....football. I hate football. It is too stinking cold! I am NOT going to do well at this. I think I might schedule staff meetings around the games...Mom's don't need to see their boys do football do they? I am so not looking forward to this.

You know at this point...I think I am much to tired to talk about anything. I was trying to take a Def Leppard quiz and I was even missing questions. I am totally gonna kick myself in the morning for that...see ya