04 July 2009


You have all read (hopefully) about Trevor being grounded. I am telling you this child just must play...it doesn't matter when, how, or with what; he has to play. So he was grounded from certain toys and his friend, so he just had to be creative and think, "what can I play with that mom won't get mad?"

I keep my morning "get ready" stuff in the living room, make-up, curling irons; and also in there is my sewing basket that holds whatever I am sewing at that time. They are in 2 baskets that sit on the side of the recliner. My son got into a 1 foot space between the wall and the recliner and began to play with the curling iron and the flat iron. The 2 irons were fighting with each other and making these great gun sounds. And of course he threw in the typical "sword fighting" techniques that one usually uses when one plays swords.

When I asked him,"why do you want to play with curling irons?" He said, "I am grounded from all the fun things". Enough said!

See ya