20 July 2009

health care, smealthcare

I have waited for 16 years for someone to come up with a plan for healthcare like I have been promised by soooo many people. Most Republicans don't seem to be for it, but done in the right way, I am totally for it. I am tired of high deductibles for my family, and being told that I can't have medicine called in for my kids the ONE time I ask for it because I only take my kids to the doctor once a year on their wellness check. Well, honestly, it is too expensive to run to you for every single thing. You want to do massive amounts of tests and charge me an arm and a leg, and my insurance won't pay. But I can ask a friend who is a medical professional and I am told, it is only ____....easily helped. I refuse to be a pawn in your charge the insurance, but I am the one who gets the short end of the stick game. I am tired of people that I know who should have medication not being able to afford it or choosing what they can buy this month because there is no money for medicines. I am tired of folks whose bodies want them to retire, their spirit wants them to retire, but they can't because then they would have no healthcare. I am tired of folks not being able to go to the doctor for over 20 years because they have no health insurance. And the other end, I am tired of folks have elective surgeries and milking the system so they can have a new nose, or to make their legs look better...then folks who need their knees replaced can't get it, because the insurance company turns them down. Folks we have a serious problem here. If it were not for my husband we would have nothing...as it is the deductible is so high just so we can afford the insurance. I can buy a used car for what the deductible costs...that is not right. I am NOT alone, I am a majority in this! It is not FAIR and not RIGHT! Barack Obama, you promised a change, this is the change I want to see. I want to see you take care of the people. The people who put in 40 hours a week at a job, and work their tails off, but when they are sick they cannot go to the doctor. They cannot even go have a wellness check because all of their money goes to bills! That is not right! This is your legacy, dude, you can make it happen. Don't think about your millionaire friends, think of the little widow, with nothing. Her husband left her with no life insurance and she had to pay for his funeral, and now that she is getting older she has nothing. There were no kids, so she cannot even fall back on that. She has diabetes, and is very feeble. She is still working just to pay for her insulin. Her body can't take more, and she has admitted she will probably die at work. Think about her tonight when you are curled up in your healthcare paid for life bed. She has nothing! Once she had to choose, antibiotic for an illness or insulin...she chose the antibiotic. Next will she have to choose heart medication or the insulin? Will that be the last choice she ever makes? Fight for it, Barack!

What can you do? Most will do nothing but complain about the outcome, but you could contact your Senators/Representatives...make your voice heard. Tell them what you believe in and that why it is important. If they do not deliver do NOT vote for them next time. They need to put you first because they work for YOU! I believe the President would listen too, send him an email, tell him your story....ask him to fight for you, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friend, your grandparents...don't tell me someone you know is not affected by skyrocketing health costs, because I will call you a liar. Deny unnecessary procedures and tests just to shoot up the bill, this flames the problem. Be involved in your healthcare, ask questions, follow up, make your doctor follow up. But above all SPEAK UP! That is what make America great....you can fight for what you believe in.

If you do nothing, do not complain to me, because I don't respect you...this is your chance, don't let it pass you by.