22 July 2009

New Love

Today I am going to talk about some new loves...are you ready for this?

Over the last 19 years or so, I have seen every episode of Law and Order in all it's various forms. I have had many teams that I have loved: Benson/STabbler, Bricoe/Green, Briscoe/Curtis, Goren/Eames, and Bernard/Lupo...and there were some that I did not like. Fontana? Blah Wheeler? Blah WAIT!!! Wheeler, no I have never really been a fan of yours, I would watch you with Logan fretting over your lines, and you two had no chemistry. I hated it, but I did like Logan so I watched through it. Then Zach Nichols walked through the door! Of course, I love Jeff Goldblum. I have liked his work for years and even told my husband when Curtis was leaving, "he would be good on that show." No one ever listens to me, especially not Dick Wolf. Anyway, life went on, and then years later Jeff got the RAines tv show. I was a huge fan from the get go. I watched all ____ (it went by so fast it's a blur) episodes. I was sad to see it go...but then rumors started flying. Noth wanted out, he wanted to be a movie star; hopefully wheeler was going to, maybe bring back Whitt. Then the news came out "Jeff Goldblum to join the cast of CI". I was so thrilled. What would he character be like? You knew just from the folks that he portrays that he was going to have to play it sort of like a Goren, and that excites me. I like Goren, but I know that the actor is just as unstable as the character and that you never know what he is going to do onscreen or offscreen.

On his first appearance you could see that there was going to be an air of mystery. What did 9-11-01 do to him? Where has he been for 7 years? Where is his wife? How is he hooked up with the captain? But also, you could see a connection...a connection with WHEELER. Will it be a romance? A big brother thing? Will he help with the baby? He has even made her interesting to me, she is not just a wallflower basking in Logan's dust. She is shinning... he is treating her like an equal, even if she doesn't have all the answers like he does. DAre I say that it is sort of like a Goren/EAmes in that respect? Yes it is! I love it! Mr. Goldblum you have energized one of my favorites shows and hopefully got it the attention it needs to get back on network so my mom can see it. Wonderful acting, wonderful stories, wonderful job. Thank you for entertaining me every other sunday at 8pm on the USA network where characters are welcome.