18 August 2009

I am realizing more and more and more the older that I get that some folks just don't have a clue. I have been doing my research because a big portion of my heart believes that the universal healthcare is the ONLY thing that can provide care for EVERYONE.

I am sick and tired of insurance companies making all of the money. Sick and tired of not being able to do things because of high deductibles, sick and tired of premiums that are as much as a house payment. I am sick and tired of hearing about people that I know having doctors turn them away. The doctors wont see their sick child because all they have is a medical card. That is NOT right!! I am sick and tired of hearing folks having to put emergency care on a credit card because they can't afford it. I am sick and tired of prices being jacked up because you do have health insurance and they want to make up money lost from your company. Then bam up goes your premiums again. I am sick and tired of drug companies, insurance companies, and doctors making all this money and you end up paying the bill. I am sick of doctors that prescribe the "name brand" drug, and wont give your company a call and say "I want them to have this drug" so that the insurance will pay for it. Then you have to decide, can I afford this? And if not you have to tell the pharmacist "I cannot afford that put it back". I myself have had to do that TWICE in the last few months. TWICE and I have insurance, but it won't pay for "name brand". What do I do? Go without that is what I do!!! I am not alone. This is NOT right.

I am sick and tired of it all! I am a Republican but I think this is messed up. People that I know work so hard and they have NOTHING for their children. NOTHING!!! If you work full time why should you NOT have access to healthcare?

How is that right? People with full time jobs have NO insurance at all. That is WRONG! They suffer, their children suffer...they miss more work because they can't get well. And that does cost the workplace more..... But wait there is another side...those that have the insurance can't get the meds, or have the operations or get the treatment because, "it is NOT covered". What is wrong with this? Tons! It is messed up on so many levels.

People use the emergency room as "insurance" alot because the hospital cannot turn down treatment, but then the folks can't pay the bills. So the cost are passed on to those that have insurance. Again another situation where it is NOT right.

I am not saying that I have the answers because I don't.... I am saying it MUST be fixed. It has to be fixed NOW!

Do the research...get involved....give your opinions...Help come up with the answers...Don't let the government let US down.

Healthcare for EVERYONE!!!!