11 October 2009

Loyal,...yeah you can say that!!!

I am a person that finds a brand that she likes and sticks to it. My biggest problem with this is sometimes people STOP making the things I like and other times Wal-mart decides "I am not going to carry that item anymore". Yep, here comes info that no one wants but you are about to receive.

Brands I like:

Soup: Campbell's healthy request unless I am making a roast and then the generic works better.

Tomato sauce: HUNTS

makeup: Almay...for green eyes

shampoo: I only ever use pantene...only ever

Tooth brushes: (yes this is a must for someone that brushes no less than 9 times per day)....colgate total...the only one I will use!!!!

Tooth paste: I switch each time I brush.....Colgate total, crest green tea (very hard to find), Colgate fresh max with mouth wash beads, close up red gel, mentadent (any flavor) and any of the crest whitening ones.

pre rinse: A MUST!!!! I prefer the blue plax, but it is VERY hard to find so I use the green plax.

Dental floss: only ever johnson and johnson mint waxed....keep one in the purse, one in the desk, one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, and one in the briefcase!!!

chapstick: Granny's but when I don't have that its Burts

Muffins: Duncan Hines streusel top muffins...blueberry. This is the only kind I will fix

Bacon: any with maple flavorings but prefer hormel

Sausage biscuits: Old south, and that is it

hot dogs: field proleagers

cheese: SWISS

yogurt: La Creme with choc chucks, but it is soooo hard to find so I get breyers with chocolate shavings.

pot pies: Banquet chicken pot pie

tv dinner: patio enchilada meals

taco shells: El Paso I will use no others

taco sauce: El Paso mild taco sauce, and no others

Re fried beans: El Paso and that is it

mini muffins: Hostess brownies

cereal: apple jacks NOT generic

candy: M&m's dark chocolate and NO other! except maybe m&m's

Salad ingredients: romaine lettuce, pecans, frozen baby sweet peas, Mandarin oranges, croutons, Hidden valley Ranch dressing or one of Granny's dressing...especially sweet mustard or country garden, carrots, cheddar cheese, starnes ham, red peppers, tomatoes (prefer homegrown or heirloom), garlic chives, endive lettuce, onions, and cranberries. Now I am hungry!!!

Drink: Coke and NOTHING else. You say you only serve Pepsi, I will have NOTHING then!!! Yep, that is how loyal I am!

TV news: MSNBC...especially if Lester is on

Scrapbook adhesive: 3m glue sticks, and mono

scissors: Yep, I have a preferred choice cutter bee. And if you borrow them and don't return them, I will hurt you. And you had better not cut anything but paper with them!

brushes: any good quality, again, you had better not touch them. I do tend to spend money on a good brush.

hair brush: A stanley hairbrush....I grew up with one and loved it so much, I searched the internet for years to find one...found one!!!

Thread: I will only use DMC

Color pencils: Prismacolor

albums: Hobby Lobby $29 albums, but I get it when it is 1/2 price

Things I am looking for, if you find them let me know:

1. Blue plax
2. King Leo Clove candy sticks
3. The other King Leo candy stick that was in the package with the clove ones, it was yellow and so good.
4. Crest Green tea toothpaste
5. another Stanley hairbrush so my daughter can have the old one.
6. a waterproof cover for my good camera
7. a dooney and burke bag (cheap) for my daughter for Christmas
8. blackwork patterns