10 December 2009

day 2 at sea

day 2
Was a day at sea....started off very clouded. We were told it was in the 70s, but I do not buy it. We started out waiting in line for my favorite omelet station..yummy. It was very good!! Loaded with peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese. With wonderfully greasy hashbrowned potatoes. Wish I had a paper napkin to get all that grease.

After breakfast, we headed to the shop/excursion talk. It was our first one in a long time...see I am looking for an engagement type ring and vanilla...have to find the best deals you know. Martin, our British shop talker told us about these very cool necklaces that one side is gold, the other sterling silver...they are called omegas and I gasped when he told us about them. Walking out of this lounge you have to shop because the malls shops are right there. We looked around for a bit and I bought a black purse and a black scarf for elegant night. I was going to look great because we are buying photos. We hung out on deck chairs, watched ice carvings, took a nap, surfed the internet, walked around...then it was time to dress for dinner. It took a while to lace up the back of my dress, but we got it...yeah. We went to dinner, and I gotta say we were the most elegant at our table...John was the only one in a suit. We got new table mates this evening, Jane, John andhis dad from Mississippi. They were just as great. We are all very evenly matched personality wise. I really like Amy, we spent alot of time talking..we have alot in common. Dinner was perfect...I had 2 bowls of pumpkin soup, one starter of this turkey dish and medium prime rib. Pumpkin soup was divine...I could have eaten four or five bowls of just that. After dinner we had butter pecan ice cream...no fancy stuff, I had no room.

After dinner, we started the show, nightclub express, but it was not exciting so we left...us old folks had to go to bed.