10 December 2009

fantasy day 1

Upon arriving at the port, I realized that we had only driven to one cruise in all these years so I cannot give a good report on this because I thought it stunk. I can tell you that in 11 years of cruising, I am a tad spoiled...only non smoking ship, carnivals largest ship, world’s largest ship, worlds crappist ship...I had forgotten that while the newer ships have tons of balcony cabins, the older ships do not. It’s been 11 years since I last saw the Fantasy. She hasn’t all those balconies, she is massive, but not ginormous. She is still a beauty.

The embarking line was not so great. I have only waited in a line like this ONCE! It was not a smooth process...and took 2 hours. We made it though. As I entered the hull, everything came back to me of how elated I was to step on this ship, 11 years before. Her grand atrium is small by today’s standards, but just as lovely...only smaller. The marble staircase is exactly the same. Gone are the ropes of neon...enter a more demure theme. The hand carved murals are still there, and just as wonderful. We didn’t need a map to find our room; Carnival makes it easy that they label the decks the same. We knew we were aft, I say stern...so we headed back. The hallways were new and fresh...I really liked the line drawings of ships and the color choices were perfect. Our room was wonderful as well...we expected an upper and lower berth, but got a king and an upper...we could have brought someone. Carnival has the best room sizes in the business...so size was great. I went to grab lunch while John listened to Mayfield. The loch lines were huge!!! I went to windows on the sea to grab a bite...this room used to be a workout room...I asked to make sure and it was confirmed it was! Up on the lido deck...the have installed palm trees...very nice. The deck here is smaller than those great ships but very cozy. I went to the spot where 11 years ago I saw my first shuttle launching...only thing different was the tables...the deck was unchanged...except now its adults only. This used to be on the sun deck up on top...wonder what is there now? I shall find out today.

Luggage...got our luggage faster than we have ever gotten luggage...good job!

Dinner...we were eaten in the Jubilee...Celebration was our dining room last time. It was not very pretty with short ceilings...I have grown accustomed to large dining rooms. We had a table for 10...a round table. I am expecting not to hear anyone and say what a lot. It is loud!!! Amy and Jim from Columbus Ohio are all ready there. She’s a stay at home mom who knows tons about car seats. I missed what he does. In came Kathy and something that starts with a J. He’s a firefighter from New York; yes he was there at 9-11-01. And I missed what she does. Then came Dora and Wayne from Alabama...they do this cruise all the time...this is like their 5th time. They live 9 miles from the port. He races motorcycles she deer hunts and does face book all the time. Last walked in newlyweds Frank and Yvonne. She had a son in Iraq, and I missed something about him. I had trouble choosing my dinner, I wanted 4 things...tilapia, mahi mahi, pork chop, or grilled chicken...they are doing the menu different...last year it was a starter, a salad, an entree and dessert. Now they have added the salad to the starters...hmmmm. I chose broccoli soup, fruit plate, pork chop, imported Swiss, and cheesecake minus the strawberries. It was all very yummy. The mac and cheese was divine!!! I liked everyone at the table too...we were all near the same age and that gave us things to talk about. We walked around for about an hour...went to the shops...and were still on our "early to bed"schedule...so we both fell asleep fast. As I type this the sun is coming up and through the window in our room. Yep, I am not out of my regular schedule yet. Today is a day at sea...tonight is formal night...I hope to win me another trophy for my trivia skills...and spend some $$$$ in the shops today. 12/6/09

Favorite things on day 1:
1. Room was great
2. Ship seems to be in wonderful shape
3. Food did not disappoint
4. Ammolite in the gift shop
5. Had my picture made with a pirate
6. Great view from our room
7. You were not required to wear life vest for the muster drills...my neck is happy about that.
8. John got to listen to the whole football game.
9. They have the ten dollar store on board
10. There was a scrapbook kit with my name on it.
11. Band on promenade deck...wow
12. Palm trees on lido deck
13. Adult only hot tubs...I hate kids splashing in there
14. Being on a ship again
15. The waves rocking me to sleep last night.
16. Our room is perfect
17. New decor throughout ship...I can almost pretend I have never sailed her.
18. Rico our crazy waiter
19. A king sized bed that sleeps well
20. Towel animals
21. Chocolate on my pillow
22. Food...food...food
23. Getting a deal on my internet plan
24. Phone service if I need it
25. A wonderful husband

Did not like:
1. Sewage smell on empress "e" deck...made me think of the tropicale
2. Long embarkation lines...you can make this so much easier.
3. Having trouble choosing entree
4. Cold!!! I was cold...most others are in shorts.
5. No breaking dawn in library...really wanted to finish it...left mine at home and almost finished it for the 5th time.
6. Single ply rough toilet paper...glad I brought Charmin with me
7. Lacks of outlets...yeah for me bringing extension cord
8. Cold room...but I brought my blanket and they gave me a robe.
9. Sore calves from running up stairs to walk off dinner...that will be better today though
10. No Hannah and Trevor