16 December 2009

last day...day 5

Day 5

Day at sea and the last full day aboard the Fantasy. My last breakfast would be an omelet with hashbrowns. After breakfast, we headed up to the Lido deck, so that John could catch some sun. There had been no days with rain and today proved to be just so rain free. He stayed up on deck most of the day while I shopped a little (a lot) and took tons of photos of the ship...this was the last tine that we would sail the Fantasy...she has been sold and will be replaced in May with the Elation.

Late in the afternoon, I attended a scrapbooking class. I have attended others on both Carnival and Norwegian, and Louis tried hard to do a good job. He was not equipped with a cutter, straight edge scissors, or enough papers. He was given glitter, glue, and pop dots. He also was given scrapbook kits to sale us...lots of girls did. Louis was prepared for 3 girls, but 20 girls showed up. We sort of schooled Louis...but it was fun. I had met Brooke the night before and she was there helping a new scrapbooker with her craft. This was a very fun hour...wasn't a ton of work done. I completed two pages and that was it. One lady got 4 done, and I thought I was fast!

I also met a girl worked in the 10 dollar store, Sumie. She was reading New Moon for the first time. It was so cool to talk to someone about the saga. Thing was she had not seen the movies and not read eclipse or breaking dawn. I loved talking to Sumie...we exchanged email addys...I hope to find out what she thought of it.

For dinner I had mahi mahi again, and a coffee pie. John had chicken again and baked Alaska for dessert. It was very sad saying goodbye to our table mates. We have had only one other couple that we met on a ship that we liked this much. At that time, it was just June and Jay...this time we had, Kathy and Tim, Amy and Jim, Jane, Rueben and their son John and we met Dora and Wayne as well. Everybody was so nice, and we all just gelled. I am telling you in the past we have had some crazies, some real crazies...carnival you did a good job matching everyone.

After dinner, Amy, Jim and I headed to see 'ticket to ride'. It was a show with the Carnival entertainment staff paying tribute to the Beatles. The arrangements were at times different than the Beatles had done, but that is a wonderful thing. They did 'in my life' with belly dancing, yeah you can see that, Because as a ballet, Rain with Spanish dancers, Got to get you into my life with a girl singing about her love for the Beatles, Get Back as an instrumental, and Sgt. Pepper reprise and The End as the last two songs. Most of the Abbey Road songs were done, and that is just a little bit of wonderful. The performers gave us glow sticks...to use in place of lighters...and threw confetti at us. The costumes were very much on tap with what the fab four wore as well and they had the songs matched up with the right outfits. All in all, I think it was one of the best shows that I have seen at sea.

It was then time to pack up the stateroom, set out your suitcases (I only do self assist if I have an early flight...I like to be one of the last off the ship), and hit the bed. Those announcements will start very early in the morning.

We got up before 6 because of the commotion outside the room, finished packing and exited the stateroom. We hung out on promenade deck while folks were exiting the ship. It was nice and relaxing until I got ran out of the lounge I was sitting in by cigar smoke...cough cough.

Finally that last call was made and we made our way to deck 7. Here began a nightmare. As bad as embarkation was...debarkation was worse! It took almost 2 hours from here to get inside the parking garage. The luggage was easy to find, but customs was terrible. This was by far the worst embark and debark that I have ever done. I have done self assist, early flights, and last off the ships. Terrible! Never had it take us more than an hour to board and 2 hours to exit! There are many things different that this port did that others do not and vice versa. I would sail from here again because they have to get better, but I will arrive later and still be the last off but I will know that it will take a very long time. I cannot judge the length time it took to enter the garage the first day because this was our second time parking, we usually fly.

All in all, I rate the entire cruise 9 out of 10. I have to take off for sewage smell on E deck, lack of classes, and embarkation\debarkation.

Maybe the classes were not there because it was a 5 day, I am used to 7 or 8 day cruises...but I looked through carnival capers from my shorter cruises and there were classes on them...so I blame the cruise director.

Things to note:
1. First carnival cruise where I did not try to win a trivia trophy or metal...have 4...2 trophies 2 metals

2. No sing alongs

3. Booked our own excursion in Mexico...not gone through ship. We gave done that in other ports but never Mexico

4. We did not go to the Christmas show...first time ever.

5. We only called home once and video called once. The phone call was 1 minute long to tell them to video call.

6. I did not have a salad with every meal...first time ever

7. It did not rain one day or night...first time ever

8. I did not freeze while on the ship.

9. I never saw the room steward...again first time ever that we did not chat or something. Never saw him after the first day.

10. That I had all the BEFORE I got home. I had them done before the TN border.