06 January 2010

A surprise gift

I don't think I have ever told you that I have cruise fever. I am constantly looking, and honestly the day we got home from the Fantasy last month, I got a brochure on the Epic and started instantly looking for good prices on her. This was before Christmas and on Christmas day, my husband kept telling me that he did not have a present for me. I told him that it did not matter, he just took me on a cruise. Since he mentioned it no more, I thought it was no big deal. After all the gifts were opened and we had begun to clean up, he brought me a rolled up piece of paper that he had tied with a ribbon. I opened it and low and behold he had found a cruise to purchase for us to take in June. It was a cruise...we all know how I feel about that....but as I looked harder it was an Alaskan cruise!!!! We had wanted to go back to Alaska, we have said that many times, but honestly I was not sure if it would be a possibility. Here it was, John just handed me a reality. What a thrilling Christmas gift, from a wonderful husband.

Now, I get to think about the trip...to begin the packing lists (I need to tweak the one that I created in 08'). To plan the excursions (and save the money for them), and now that we know our way around the towns better, see the things that we wished we had seen the first time. Neither of us felt like we had much time in Juneau...so we have another chance. Of course, we also both have said the we want to do the same excursions that did last time in Juneau too...but this is the fun part before the trip. Planning what on what to do, and how to squeeze it in during the time allowed.

We are heading to the same places as last time, which again is a little bit of wonderful because every place was a gem...Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria...the only exception to the trip is that we will not go into the National Park (Glacier Bay). This time we will venture in Tracy Arm Fjord. Which is supposed to be spectacular, but we will see. The fjord features the twin Sawyer glaciers, which are known to calve alot, and of course that is what I am hoping for.

It is going to be great! Going to be spectacular! Thank you for such a wonderful gift that I will enjoy very much...well he will too!

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