10 February 2010

Packing List for the Caribbean (up to 7 days)

There are packing lists EVERYWHERE...but let me tell you about me. Oh yes, I have followed those lists perfectly and I NEVER have enough shirts...NEVER. I know that I am messier than some and sweat when it is hot, and I require a fresh shirt...my rules. ; So my list is different. I have 3 types of lists that I keep in my computer a Disney list (also have a disney itinerary planner), an Alaskan list (for 7 days), and a 7 day packing list for the Caribbean. The way that I do it, it would be very easy to knock off 2-3 days off the list. ; If you wish to use it I have it saved in Word 2007, I would be willing to share just message me. If you ever need a Disney itinerary, I have that in Excel 2007...a real trip saver.

I pack using space bags...that way I can get everybody's things in 2 large suitcases and everyone has a carry on. In my carry on I keep the travel documentation folder, all my cameras, the prescription meds, and my dental floss! John usually carries water and cokes in his.

You are not supposed to take an iron on board the ship and if you get caught with it they will take it away. I bring a cheap travel iron and hid it inside the space bags! SHH!

Things that you cannot forget EVER!!! Extension cord!  There is usually one outlet in the room, what if you need to charge your phone, you need to plug in the straightener, and you need a clock plugged in?  This is an item I use every day!

Clock, if you need to know the time (or with Alaska when the time changes alot) bring a clock the rooms don't come with them and often I have seen that my cell does not keep accurate time because I don't use it to make calls while at sea (too expensive).
Trash bag, for wet or dirty clothes, stuff the clothes in the trash bag then put inside the space bag...smash it up and put in the suitcase, it will be there waiting for you when you get home.

4-6 clothes pins...the shower usually has a clothes line for bathing suits, but they drier faster/better with clothes pins.

wire hangers...I put these in the suitcase to hang things once I get on board, then I leave them for the next guest to use after I depart.  I have noticed that other folks tend to do this too.  The last cruise someone left those fancy joy mandango hangers. Hanging the clothes will help with the wrinkles and lessen the ironing time. I HATE to iron.

Tide to go!  I don't need to tell you how valuable this will be to you.

Toilet paper!  The eco system of a ship is fragile and the toilet flushing is like a jet plane engine!  But I can tell you the paper they use is like PAPER! 1 ply and hard!  My tush is a little spoiled I bring the charmin!

Tissues...same with the tissues, if you have nose issues like I do, you need these.

lightweight blanket...some of the lounges/rooms are cool too cool for me so I always bring a sweater for the public areas and a light blanket for the bedroom. I HATE to be cold.

Notepad and pen/pencil. You may want to remember some details, take notes during a class or shopping talk or exchange emails of your table mates, be prepared!

This is not a complete list....I add to/take away with the itinerary.Cruise Packing list…..created by Michelle Champion
Personal Items
o Tooth brush
a. John
b. Michelle
c. Hannah
d. Trevor
o Tooth paste
a. Mint
b. Paste
o Deodorant
a. John
b. Michelle
c. Hannah
o Dental Floss
o Hairspray
o Makeup remover
o Hairbrush
a. John
b. Michelle
c. Hannah
o Comb
o Plax
o Razor
a. John
b. Michelle
c. Hannah
o Rain slickers
a. John
b. Michelle
c. Hannah
d. Trevor
o Extension cord
o Alarm clock
o Pain killer
o Vitamins
o Prescription meds
a. John
b. Michelle
o Shampoo
a. Normal hair
b. Dry hair
o Conditioner
o Bar soap with baggie to hold it
o Shower gel
o Scrubby
o Charmin
o Toilet wipes
o Cortaid
o Bug spray
o Hair dryer ?
o Iron ?
o Make up
a. Mascara green and waterproof
b. Eye liner
c. Eye shadow
d. Foundation
e. Concealer
f. Lipstick
o Plastic memory case
o robe
Travel Items
o Travel documents
a. John
b. Michelle
c. Hannah
d. Trevor
o Ids
a. John
b. Michelle
o Trip documents
a. Cruise tickets
b. Itinerary
c. Shore excursions
d. Plane reservations
e. Taxi numbers
f. Hotel information
o Cell phones/chargers
a. John
b. Michelle
Camera stuff
o 7MP
a. 2 batteries
b. Charger
c. Bag
d. Ziploc for camera
e. 4GB memory card
o 12MP
a. 4GB memory card
b. Ziploc for camera
c. Charger
d. 2 batteries
e. bag
o 5MP waterproof
a. Case
b. Memory card
c. 4 AA batteries
o Bathing suits
a. John 1, 2
b. Michelle 1, 2
c. Hannah 1, 2
d. Trevor 1, 2
o Cover up
a. Michelle 1, 2
b. Hannah 1, 2
o Swim shoes/flip flops
Day 1…board the ship depart 4 pm
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 2 Elegant/Formal nights
a. Black suit
b. Shirt (one for each night)
c. Tie (2)
d. Shoes
a. Dress (red vera wang and black and
b. Hose ?
c. Wrap
d. Purse
e. Heels 2 pairs
a. Dress
b. Shoes
a. Khaki pants
b. Suit
c. White shirt
d. Polo
e. shoes

Here are a few of the packing lists that I like and use!