05 September 2010

interesting things I question

So I am sitting here thinking about things that perplex me...Well, maybe you can help me with some answers to these questions:

1. Why do guys feel the need to wear their pants UNDER their butt cheeks? I thought the purpose of pants was to cover those cheeks.

2. Why does the oven smell so awful when it is on the self clean cycle?

3. Why do little boys have to make shooting or bullet sounds CONSTANTLY?

4. What does the paint come off the wall, but NOT my arms?

5. Why I get so annoyed when Justin Bieber takes off his hat and shakes his head?

6. Why it takes forever to upload photos to Winkflash?

7. Why 1,000,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong?

8. What is it about spiders that scares me so?

9. Why do I always seem to run out of scrapbook tape runners...right when I am in an artistic groove?

10. What does a frapp from Starbucks have to taste so good? You are going to be the death of me because of your fat content.