08 September 2010

my love of a great tv show

Since 1990, I have been a fan of the Law and Order shows. At first, it was just so so...I wasn't a fan of Robinette or Ben Stone....but Adam Schiff was a bad dude...a guy that would take no crap and I like him. Yep, he kept me coming back. Then....then they added Jack McCoy! I was hooked completely. Jack McCoy was everything Adam was and more. A guy out to get the bad folks....no holds barred....and a bit of a ladies man to boot. Oh yes, he and Claire liked each other and probably (I believe yes) had a relationship. Claire was fantastic wrestling with her womanhood, the whole career lady life, and Jack McCoy. Jack McCoy has to be the greatest ADA ever! Time changes and we have lost some of our ADA and DA's too. Adam left, Nora came in. Angie Harmon came on playing a hard girl...I LOVED her character! One of our ADA's was murdered and now McCoy is our DA with

Then there were the detectives....I hated the first bunch...I did not like the cop section until Briscoe and Logan took over. Through the years...we have had many great detectives....Curtis, Green (my favorite after Lenny), Fontana, that chick that I could not stand Nina, Lupo, Bernard. Lupes and Bernard are a team that rivals the Curtis/Briscoe partnership.

Even after spin off after spin off, I kept watching. Now I do love most of the spin offs, but the mothership kept bringing me back. The formula worked, the content interested me, and the cast, well they were just outstanding.

Here we are now 2010, my show has been canceled. Canceled after 20 years, you will be forever tied with Gunsmoke. Wish you could have beaten that record!!! Would it not be great for Law and Order to have been the longest running drama of all time? I realize that the last couple of years as tv has changed you had lost your viewers, which I hate. You did not show naked butts, or drop the "s" word. You just relied on your mad writing skills and "ripped from the headlines" stories....hey, I think you held your ground very nicely trying to compete against those other dramas.

As we begin a new tv season, your name is not completely void on the tv listings...there you are Law and Order: Los Angeles. New show, new setting, new actors, new drama. Yeah, this should be good. I am sad that the mothership is no more, but glad I still have the spin offs!