12 September 2010

So in love with you, my love am I

The more I think about you, the more I love you. The more I long to stare into your face. You are carved completely out of a cold substance and I hate to be cold. Why then do I love you? Just look at you...you can see why I am in love with you...

I love to read about you, to view photos of you, and I long to climb on your crevices.

For those that don't know what you are, you are a glacier. A massive piece of ice that moves. Yeah, it moves...it leave in it's path moraine and a U shaped valley. When you start down a fjord (an inlet of water that was formed by a melting glacier) the vegetation will be larger more lush, as you travel down the fjord closer to the glacier face it will appear smaller and in most cases you will see NO vegetation. Instead what you will see is a large sheet of ice with crevices indentations and possibly icebergs. You will experience colors that may be indescribable....a topaz blue, granite gray, pure white, ice blue, azure, black, teal blue or teal green...and the list goes on and on.

the John Hopkins Glacier The Mendenhall Glacier 2008

a glacier close upnow you can imagine the size of a glacierGlacier Bay National Park and Reserve....the Majorie Glacier

The lovely Majorie Glacier (GBNP&R)

all that is left of a glacier that is now part of the fjord

the mendenhall 2010

The Marjorie and the Grand Pacific (the GP once filled glacier bay

Marjorie glacier