08 September 2010

Trace Creek Baptist Church Crop

Well, here it is again...time for the TCC (Trace Creek Crop). This is one of my favorite times of the year (barring any cruise vacation naturally). What is it? It is a scrapbook crop (which means essentially a place to scrapbook with other people), that is held in the church multi purpose building. Why is it special? There are literally hundreds of people there that love two things: to scrapbook and God! It is a day spent with ladies of all walks of faith, religions, and backgrounds; but they are believers and it is evident in their speak, actions and generosity. There is a devotional in the middle of the day to rejuvenate you and get you thinking about your life, the life of others and your service to God. Jill Rogers is the speaker and I must say she is down to Earth and speaks from her heart. There are prayers, thanksgivings, and companionship. You get to meet people, see people that you have not seen in years, talk about life, and SHOP! The vendors are awesome as well. You can shop for a new product or go buy a piece of white paper if you forgot to bring some in the million and one things that you brought.

Oh yeah, packing for this event is like packing for a vacation. I have one "suitcase" (it's really a crop case but as big as a suitcase on wheels) and one milk cate type thing on wheels. They will both be loaded to the gills! I intend on bringing 40 layout packages and hope to scrap at least 30 of them. Last year I walked away with 32 layouts completed, and that is a record for me.

This year, I have to cut my time short. I have to leave around 4:45 (instead of 8 pm), my high school reunion (20 years) is that evening. You know honestly, I thought of skipping the reunion and being with these great TCC ladies. I do love them to pieces. As I said before, I look forward to it every year and it is less than TWO weeks away!!!