06 September 2010

where have you been?

I look forward to things but I do not wish life away. I see so many people just wishing things away. Counting down to a future instead of trying to help fix today. The countdown doesn't bother me, it's the "I wish the next few weeks would fly by" or "I can't wait until next year".

I often end the day with questions, where did I screw up today? What did I do right today? How did I make a difference? The last question is the one the resonates in my brain. Where did I make a difference? Where did I make a difference? Where did I make a DIFFERENCE? I sure had better have an answer to that EVERY DAY!!

A difference does not have to be a gigantic world wide thing that everyone knows about. Only a few people might know, only a family might know, only one person may know, only God may know....

There have been sometimes lately that life has bothered me. The older I get,the more I see that mankind is not what I thought. There are people that truly care only about themselves,that have no morals, no spiritually, no decency , no respect, no compassion, no values, no love and no ability to take one for the team. I just can't understand why people seem to take the "easy road" or what I like to call the lazy road. Why people can't be treated as they wish to be treated? Why people can't put the good of the many in front of the good of the few, or the one. (thank you Mr Spock).

I have a cousin that has been talking about this sweet precious child that 11 weeks ago she was this happy little kid playing with her family and friends. In a short span of 11 weeks, she was sick, diagnosed with a brain tumor, and now she is gone. She was 5 years old. Do you see exactly how short life is? 11 weeks!!! You have to make your plans TODAY!

I challenge my friends to this...if you don't have a relationship with God, what a GREAT time to develop that! If you don't treat others as you would be treated, what a GREAT time to put yourself LAST! If you don't spend time with your children, what a GREAT time to make a deposit in their future! If you don't take care of the Earth, what a GREAT time to better it for the future! If you have NEVER voted, what a GREAT time to register! If you have been making plans to make a difference, do it NOW! If you are wishing away til Christmas break...remember a lot can happen in just 11 short weeks! And for those that were alive on September 11, 2001, you all know how life can change dramatically in less than ONE HOUR!

Live for today! For the moments that you have! Make a DIFFERENCE!!! Be a GIVER not a TAKER!