12 September 2010

Who's your hero?

Did you know that kids can develop their imagination by reading a book? THey can lose themselves in a world of space, espionage, intrigue, history, fantasy, science...oh forget it this list will NEVER end...all they need from you is a book and a reading friendly space.

Reading in front of the tv is not a good idea...Reading in a crowded LOUD room is not a good idea either. Think about this when you send your little one to read.

"But my kids have too many books"...NONSENSE! A child can never have too many books. Maybe they love to read! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson once sold the Library of Congress 10,000 books at one time? And he thought that was not enough books. Look at me, I have 3 book case, some under my bed, some at work, some in the cars....and I want MORE!! I read them all...most over and over. And if your child does not, maybe it's time to donate the books they don't like to a school, charity, friend or sell them at a consignment sale. And replace them with books your child wants to read. Generally, I don't like the books people pick for me, maybe they don't like the ones that you pick for them....ever thought of that.

If your child does not like to read maybe you are buying the wrong subjects. My son did not like to read until he discover shipwrecks and now he reads all the time...mainly about shipwrecks, but he reads.

Think about the subject matter, the age appropriateness, the length, and not just look at the cover. I have a book with a spring green cover (ugly) and it just says the title on it "Gone with the Wind"...ugly ugly cover, but what is within those covers is one of the greatest books that I have ever read. I have read it 38 times since I started counting in 1994!!! I have it on my phone now so that I can read it every day if I want to and in any location.

Well, I can tell you a great place to find books!!! The OBOE book fair, from Sept 20-24, 2010. I can promise you that a super hero may come by to visit as well.

Be a HERO to your child...make them a lifelong reader!!!