27 November 2010

It's the little things

Yes, I know that you know that I travel often, and I know that you know how picky I am on hotel choices. Today I would like to share with you the little things that thrill my heart about the hotels where I like to rest my pretty little head. Keep in mind that things things are not ALL at the same hotel, but things that I have experienced in some of my hotels.

1. Cookies in the lobby upon your arrival or chocolates on your pillows
2. A clock on the hair dryer stand
3. A remote control that is not glued down to the night stand.
4. Beds that you can actually use to get a good night's sleep (comfort and hampton you have the best).
5. Choices for tv channels.
6. Free wifi....there is more to this on the next list.
7. 5:30 pm dinners for free, now that's what I am talking about.
8. A real breakfast....sausage, eggs, gravy, cheese, ham
9. A nice shower that actually puts out WATER
10. A nice sized room and not a cracker jack box (you know who I am talking about Disney value resorts and Celebrity Cruise line).
11. Walls that are clean. Beds that "appear" to have been laundered. Chairs in good condition. It's a pride thing!
12. Plush soft towels
13. Enough seats in the breakfast area.
14. Queen or King sized beds, not full
15. Chairs to sit in so the kids don't sit on my bed.
16. Plastic cups wrapped in plastic (I am not sure that you wash the glass ones).

Now, it's the little things that I don't like too.

1. Expensive hotels (like Disney resorts or fancy places and even regular resorts) charge you a daily fee to access the internet. Didn't I give you enough money when I paid for the room?
2. Why do you not provide us with outlets (why I don't cruise without an extension cord, and planning on taking one from now on everywhere).
3. Be more upfront with the hotel taxes fees.
4. All carb breakfast...not good for people like me or my oldest kid. I would rather you call it a "Sugar Fest"
5. A showerhead that puts out a trickle of something that might be water, but I can't tell because there is so little of it.
6. Not enough blankets, I have had to start traveling with blankets. I have the "hotel blanket".
7. Hair in the bathtub or bedsheets...GROSS
8. Where's the trash cans?
9. A clock by the bed! I need a clock by the bed.
10. I am a doodler, can you please provide me with paper and pen?
11. Better lighting! I should not have to explain this, imagine trying to pluck your eyebrow in low light....
12. Better tissues...ok, I have fixed this myself, always carry puffs plus where ever you go.
13. A warm hot tub! I should not have to explain this either