16 December 2010

Pink Oink

Well a hero of mine has begin to earn his hero status in a new way...Mr John McCain has taken to telling us all the ways that our leaders are adding necessary spending to our government. I hope that you take the time to read some of this waste and realize what I do....lawmakers are NOT frugal with OUR money. 100,000 for syrup. 1,000,000 for the installation of a camera. Millions for textile research...whatever .....

My point is...why can't be create a budget and live within the realms of that budget? We could only have money for cow tb research and pig waste management research if they did a fundraiser to pay for it. Do you know how long its been since we had a balanced budget? One year is too long. How can we expect our citizens to live within their means if they very people that leads them chooses to ignore this advice? What can we do? Speak up! Let your leaders know how you feel...praise those that try to keep us living within our means, that are not wasteful, and those that get it. Keep those people in office at election time too.! For those that are wasteful, hold them accountable! Vote them out! Tell them how you feel! Be a voice!
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