09 January 2011

Dear scrapbook people

I would like to be published! Oh yes, I know many scrapbook artists tell you that, but I mean it more than they do. Well, that is ugly, I am just saying that I am deserving of your time. Why? Why me, a girl from Paducah, KY...because I am a FAST scrapbooker (very good for your magazines), I am a through scrapbooker, I can paint anything that I can see (I can paint your background pages), I am very willing to try new techniques/products and I can give you reviews on those techniques and products, I have many different scrapbook styles (I can do classic, simple, complex, hand painted, hand drawn, from the box kit, stamps, distressed) and I am "witty" so I would be funny in print.

All my life I have been "artsy", but could never find my niche....yeah, I have found it. I find time DAILY to do something (even with working outside the home more than 40 hours per week, about 40 more at home cleaning, and really about 20 on my "hobby"). I have been trying to find a way to channel my creative thoughts and this is it!

What do I have to offer you? I would like to think a fresh spin on some ideas, random scrapbook pages about everyday life and not just the big moments, and I am the vacation photo queen.

I have been scrapbooking the "right way" for 14 years and all other ways for over 20. With 42 albums created (they are quite overstuffed) in the last 17 years, and I am UP TO DATE on all my photos! That's right, I have NO boxes of photos that are not scrapped....so I need you as much as you need me because I need more things to scrap. I don't think that you can go wrong with me...I think you will get a new spin on some things and I KNOW you will have a good time!!! Thanks for listening, thanks for your products, and thanks for helping me lower the dollars in my bank account and add to the books on my shelves. Thanks scrapbooking, I love you!!!!
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