09 January 2011

Dear target...

Everyone here in Paducah, KY is trying to convince you to come here to our town. I too want to get on on the fun. Why do you need to come here? Because I spent $212 at Wal-mart just Saturday. I bought plastic containers to store the foods in my cabinets. While the containers were not the exact ones that I wanted I had no choice because you are a 45 minute drive away from me. Still not convinced? How about products? Wal-mart starts selling a product, you try it, fall in love with it and BAM wal-mart stops selling the product. Blue plax would be the prime example...you sell it no more, but you are the one that got me hooked on blue plax! Loreal concealor? Lavendar humidifier stuff? Peppermint truffles? Green onion dip? How many things do I have to mention before you see how much I need you? Why should Wal-mart get all my money? I would love to give some ( if not all that I spend there) to you! Please come here and let me spend some time in your store! I love you dollar bins, your bedding, your clothes, your handbags, your electronics, your clearance and even your scrapbook stuff! Please Target consider my needs in making your decision...i need a Target, my family needs a Target, my town needs a Target.

Yes my town. Do you realize that our citizens drive 45 minutes away to deposit money in your bank account, but that money not only is being spent in another town but also another state. Both our town and state need this revenue here in our area. We need people to drive to our area to go to Target! We ate a town that once was the same size as Bowling Green and Owensboro, but in the last twenty years, those towns have gotten more affordable middle class housing subdivisions and apartments, more shopping, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and Target! Those cities have long since passed us in size and "stuff to do". Our city leaders all ready lost a submarine because they simply cannot have a vision for our city....we need you do badly to help everyone see what great potential Paducah has...do great Benny Goodman once wrote a song about us and out appeared in a popular 1940's movie. Please Target help our city, our citizens and most importantly ME!
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