07 January 2011


Sometimes you have to choose to do something. Sometimes it is easy and you can just snap right to it the answer. Sometimes it is something that you have longed for so it is a quick decision. Sometimes it will require "sleeping on it" Sometime it is something you never thought that you would do....Something you never thought you could do....Something that you never thought that you would have to do. Basically life is full of decisions.

*What will I wear today?
*What toothpaste will I use this morning?
*What will I wash first, colors or whites?
*What will I send in my child's lunch?
*Should I scrapbook or should I paint today?
*Should I call and complain about the service I received at the restaurant today?
*Should I eat chocolate or be a good girl?
*Would be the best way to handle ___________?
*When should I hire someone to _____________?
*What important things am I missing speaking to my kids about?

Uh, I could go on for ever and ever. How do you make a decision? Do you jump at it? Do you pray about it? Do you "sleep on it"? Do you try to put off the decision? That is where I am today. So many decisions...how do you know what is right? How do you know if the tree is really dead? Or is it dormant? HOw do you know that you killed all the weevils? How do you know that you are choosing the right thing for your child? How do you know that life is about to change in ways you never thought possible but it is coming? Can you ignore it and make it go away? No, not the questions that I am facing. Can you pretend that everything is fine and just go about day to day life? No, not with the decisions on my plate. How will you know it is right? Faith!!! What? FAITH!!! Faith you say? Faith. Faith that God can handle it. Give it to him. Yes, the answer lies in the power of prayer and trust! Prayer for the truth to enter the heart and the decision will come easily. The decision will be right! Is it going to be easy? No, but then where was the guarantee that life would be easy? Where is the guarantee that the best choices might not "feel" like the best? The guarantee that you could handle this on your own? I never saw that guarantee. I know it doesn't exist, what does exist is PRAYER!! Prayer, I believe the answer lies in prayer. Thank you, I now know what must be done! I have to run I have a more important thing to do now.