30 January 2011

Happiness at Ole Miss

About 5 years ago, John asked me to go see a UK game with him at a little school called Ole Miss. No, I had never been there, never thought of going there and really did not want to go to the game, but he said, "I will take you shopping after the game." Well, that is the way to my heart, so off I went to this little game. It was ok I guess, I remember NONE of the game. What I remember is going to Wal-mart. And in Wal-mart was this little machine that I had wanted for a LONG LONG time, well, not that long because it had not been out that long, but long enough in my eyes. It was a scrapbook machine that would cut out die cut letters and shapes with the touch of a button. You would buy cartridges and put them in the machine and you would expand the base of what the machine could do. WOW!!! It would be great for someone like me...but alas when they came out they were like $300 and that was NOT going to happen for me. I would watch the infomercial and dream of the day that I might have one...dream a long shot dream is what I did. Well, we are just basically killing time in this Wal-mart, picked up a Yoda bubble bath and a few other things and there on an end cap was this machine, the CRICUT!!! Oh it was lovely, I went to pet the box and drool over the instructions (this was the first one that I had seen in real life). And low and behold on the corner of the box was a clearance sticker! Now mind you, these machines were still NEW, I mean they were a hot item with the scrapbook world....so this was like finding a gold necklace in the bottom of a shoe box. It was only $145!!!! Less than 1/2 what I had priced them for. No brainier, it was going home with me today!!!!!!!!

Well, here we are all these years later, you have not failed me in any way. I still use you often, never traded you in or dissed you in any way. You have proved worth every bit of the $145 that I paid for you and have saved me more than that in die cuts alone. I thank you for being so loyal, true and all mine. Thank you Wal-mart near the campus of Ole Miss for giving me such a great gift. Thank you Provo Craft for making such a great product. My first generation cricut is still amazing!!!!