11 January 2011

Here kitty kitty

Hello all, this little blog if an ode to a very pretty cat with a big attitude. My cat was born March 7, 2005. She was the cutest little kitten ever...sweet, loving, playful...she did not try to tear up anything in the house, she did not cause trouble of any type.
Then she grew up! She became temperamental, and began to bite. She had the reputation of evil cat, and it was well deserved. The snuggling aspect was gone, but the biting instinct became strong. So strong in fact that the cat would have a new nickname, evil cat. Evil cat would "attack" unprovoked. A human could walk by her and bam, they were attacked. A human could be cuddled up with her, simply petting her and all the sudden.....bitten again. The cat could be asleep and all the sudden wake up and bite the human. Maybe she had seen too many vampire flicks? Maybe.

That sounds awful, oh yes it does, but that's not her worst. The worst is when a human can sleep in. How can sleeping in matter? I.still have not figured that out. The human can be sleeping, soundly and outside the humans bedroom door comes a very loud.....MEOW! The meowing will go on, a door will be rattled, the meowing gets louder....the human awakens in a very grumpy state. Why do you meow? Why won't you tell me? You meow loudly and I can't stand it! Yes, this cat meows while you are fixing dinner, she meows when you sleep, meows when you are vacuuming....WHY CAT? No human can figure out why. No human can stand it either....help, help, help me understand. You get three square meals, sometimes more if the kids feed you. You have many great places to sleep. You have a family that would love to snuggle with you if you would not bite them. You have it all! Why are you throwing it all away? Don't you care? Don't you love your humans? Don't you? Answer me! Quit sitting there looking at me like you are so beautiful that I should ner grateful to be in your presence. I don't owe you anything! I just want you to love your humans. Stopbbiting them...stop waking them from their well earned slumber...Stop it! Be a good kitty! Be a kitty that people want to love. That guests are not afraid to touch....keep these guests from even scared to enter the house! Cat, just be good!!!!
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