21 January 2011

I don't stink at this!

I may be stealing the inspiration for the blog from April Rambo, but the content is mine. I love lists so it will be in list form. What is it? Things that anger me and things that make me happy. Ready?

1. People that think they are above their bosses. There's a chain of command for a reason. You do what your boss says or you are fired (or should be).

2. Bellsouth.net-you never work for me when I need you.

3. People that use their cell phone at work. I am very addicted to mine but can put it down at work.

4. The government- do you really think you have the needs of the public at heart? Really? What planet are you from? What country do you live in? Cause its not America!

5. Why can't kids read more books?

6. Why can I never get all my stuff fine that I want too do?

7. People that cheat on their spouses? I keep hearing of this and I am, sick of it.

8. People that put my husband down. He went to college too study weather, I bet you did not...so shut up.

9. Gotta agree with April on this one. We have a child care and preschool NOT a daycare! There is a big difference! A child care teacher will never earn what they are worth or what they should for what they teach those children. Or for how much of their own personal money is spent on those kids. Or for how much of themselves they give to those kids. Think about how important the first five years of life are in the development of a child!

10. People that really don't care about anyone but themselves. People that are not team players. People that think they are above the law. People that use phones and drive.

Happiness things
1. My husband-he loves me for what I am. He likes to spend time with me. He still wants to take me on dates. I love him dearly!

2. My kids- even though my teenager thinks I am stupid...i think that she is smart (needs to study more), talented, a computer whiz, and beautiful. My son, who still likes to hang with me, is talented, loud, funny, and generally crazy. I am blessed to have such great kids.

3. My family- they are pretty great. They have quirks but don't we all?

4. My job- I have been here For almost ten years. Wow, how I needed Olivet! I want to provide for Olibet what it gave me. Olivet is a wonderful environment. It does take up most of my time, but its an investment..an investment in the future.

5. My scrapbooking-this is my creative outlet. I need this to survive. I use it when work is bad, when life throws me lemons. What I want from it is to get published. I am trying very hard at this. I think I would be a great addition to a design team. This is what I dreamed of when I thought of a career in art. I am on the way.

6. Hard workers/team players-i complained about people that don't want too be party of a team...now there are some that do. They are honest, hard working, and loyal. These are the people you want in your life.

7. Music-i love too listen to music. It can be an escape, an inspiration, a motivator, a mood changer.

8. Chapstick-i admit I am addicted to it. I have tons of tubes around my house...can't be calm without it.

9. Books-another escape. I can enter an entire new world. I can go anywhere with a book. As my favorite President said "i cannot live without books"

10. My faith in God-i know it is He through all things are possible. I count myself very blessed to have a relationship with God. I know some are raised not knowing God and I am glad my parents gave me this gift.
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