23 January 2011

I love you to the moon and back

Well, I aired my bad things, now I will play Oprah and and tell you my happiness things of today....only I am NOT giving you a car or a trip.

McDonalds Double Cheese burger...I don't know why you and I love each other so. We have loved each other since I was in high school and I first consumed those 2 patties on a smallish bun. You are fried and greasy, but I crave you often. You have no tomatoes or lettuce, but I still love you. Those little "onions" make me very very happy. Wish I had one right now.

Coffee...well, I have turned into my mother who turned into my grandmother. Yeah, I drink coffee now. I have to brush my teeth right after, but I love the taste at first. 3 creams and 2 sugars....unless it is flavored cream and I have (GASP) gotten to the point in life where I can go without sugar then. WOW I am old!!!

Music...have to have you in my life everyday. You make me happy, sad, thoughtful, gleeful, humble, spiritual and just generally ECSTATIC!

Politics..you make me happy, you make me sad. I can't get enough of you. Gosh, I watch Meet the Press for fun (heart David Gregory)...oh gosh that brings me to the next topic....

News people...I love the anchors....Brokaw, Gregory, Matthews, HOLT (the best), Champion :)

Heidi Eyer...one of my all time favorite people...she just posted on fb that she was on my bad list, she had no idea she was on the good list too. She is an amazing person. One of my heroes in life. She is loud, crude, giving, loving, smart, obnoxious, caring, and a jerk. I love her dearly!

Rednecks...Jeff Foxworthy gave you to me and I love you all, wait I love Ya'll. Git er' done

preschool mats that had holes in them...can't use them for work, but I brought one home from school for my son. It is nice that he uses it and does not try to sleep in my bed.

Food...yeah I know I mentioned you before, but you get to be mentioned again. I love to eat. Love to photograph the food I eat. Love to scrapbook the food I eat. Yeah, I am strange. I must be hungry, I can't stop thinking of food things.

Computers...I LOVE you very much. You can make me feel smart and you can make me feel dumb. You can let me do research or you can let me stayed connected. You are fun and I am reading even more books now and I read a lot before. Maybe a new record for books read in 2011.

That is all I have for today...Later taters.