16 January 2011

Logos and music of EPCOT

EPCOT Center (as it was known as pre 1994) has always been my favorite Disney park since the moment that I first saw that giant sphere. Something about an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, excites me and just makes me think. While I was excited about wandering through the pavilions and riding the rides, the logos were the first attraction to me. They are based on the sphere design to keep with a theme, but each one has its own uniqueness. Now I know these logos look foreign to you, Disney has disbanded the use of them in most circumstances...however, if you look closely sometimes you might find one or two lurking about and maybe not just at EPCOT either!
Here are a few of the great logos that are part of EPCOT's past....keep in mind some of these pavilions don't even exist any more.

Wonders of Life--Opened in 1989. It's main attraction was Body Wars, it was an OKAY ride. This pavilion still stand and is used for special events. I had not been in it in years until 2010 when we went to the International Food and Wine Festival. Most of the festival's special were inside the domed building. It looked pretty much the same, even the same carpet. It does not appear that all aspects of the pavilion have been destroyed.
The Land---Still one of the all time best EPCOT has to offer. The first ride in this pavilion was the Listening to the Land boat ride. I love that song, can't get it out of my head even today all these years later. I actually ordered a cd off Amazon just to get a copy of this song. "Let's listen the land we all love, nature's plan will shine above, let's listen the laaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnndddd. Listen to the Land". The ride for the most part remains unchanged, the name and logo however are different. It is now simply called "The Land", the song and the logo have been retired. There also used to be a show called "Food Rocks" and veggies/fruits sang healthy versions of modern hits. I loved this part and I am still trying to locate the soundtrack. I do have the "Veggie, Veggie Fruit, Fruit" song featured in the Kitchen Kabaret. Well, all that is gone now to make room for the third greatest amusement park ride, Soarin'. Food...I have always loved to eat here, first there was the Farmer's Market, then after a re-haul, the Sunshine Seasons Food Fair. This version featured a baked potato area (I ate that every time)....now it is called Sunshine Seasons and it is my favorite place to eat in Future World. I get the tuna salad, the green salad, a slice of carrot cake, a mickey brownie and a coke. Wish I could have some NOW!!! The best character meal is here at the Garden Grill. The restaurant rotates over Living with the Land. The food is buffet, but served in family style. Catfish, chicken, turkey, a wonderful cranberry something or other and the best salad I have ever eaten!!!!$$$
Journey into Imagination---opened in 1983, this pavilion has had quite a few changes and caused some issues. From the get go a cute little purple dinosaur/alligator....whatever...was the mascot. He was ADORABLE!!! He sang this cute song composed by my favorite Disney composers, the Sherman Brothers, called "One Little Spark". In 1999, Disney thought it would be a GRAND idea to get rid of the cute little Figment and fans went a little bonkers (myself included) wanting little Figment back. Luckily, he was only gone for 2 years, back with a new show, a variation of his song and with a new co-host (a perfect match), Eric Idle. A very interesting "What If" lab is featured as you exit the ride, take the time to visit....WOW!!!
Spaceship Earth---The first thing you see and associate with EPCOT. A giant sphere that features a look back in time kind of ride. A little slow, but very interesting. The sphere however is where it is at for me. I love the engineering behind the ball. It took over 2 years to even make the "ball". The interesting triangles/design on the outside help keep water/rain off of YOU! The grooves in the triangles absorb the water and channel it into the legs which then take the water to the gutters. BRILLIANT!! who would have thought of that? Disney Imagineers!!!
World of Motion----GM was the sponsor of this pavilion and it featured a look into transportation. It was NOT one of my favorite pavilions, and many times I skipped it. I was excited when I heard of plans to close it and put in a "thrill ride". It was to again be sponsored by GM. The original attraction featured the song, "It's fun to be free", which is the only thing good that I can say about the World of Motion pavilion. The new one however, is my second favorite amusement park ride of all time....TEST TRACK!!! Test Track opened in 1998.Universe of Energy---Hannah's first memories at a theme park take place here. The dinosaurs on this great Ellen's Big Adventure ride spit on her and she said "Dinosaur made me wet." This ride overall is about the same as it always has been. It has undergone some changes, and that is all. This pavilion has been around since opening day with only the one change, that is to add Ellen as it's host and update the animatronics a bit. I don't much care for it.

The Living Seas-----This has always been sort of interesting. A great look at the living seas. A hydrovator (not sure of spelling) would take you under the sea so that you can experience what it would be like to work in the oceans. This pavilion has gone a big change from it's opening the addition of Nemo, but most of the exhibits have the same feel and some of the same projects. The seacabs (the ride that was housed here) is gone, but the new Nemo ride uses the same track, same queue (for the most part) and looks like the same scenes (less coral reef more video/animation). Just a cosmetic lift to the ride in general. The new song is great!!! I love to sing along.

CommuniCore/Innoventions----This used to be John Champion's favorite part of EPCOT (the old school EPCOT before test track and soarin'). This pavilion featured NEW high tech games/computers and such and YOU got to play with them. I remember some of them included a new game system called playstation 2, and there was a build your own coaster. I don't remember too much about it because it was NOT one of my favorites. I liked to eat at Stargate (now the Electric Umbrella) and shop at the 2 level Centorium (now MouseGear).

Horizons---kind of a family in the future thingy. I never much cared for it and was more than pleased when it was announced they were going to close this and open a Mission: Space. I remember the pavilion being attractive. And I do have photos that I have never scanned, the triangle sign out front was very cool. There was a ride...and I don't remember much of it. I remember the "if we can dream it, we can do it" slogan and song. There are some references to Horizons in other rides....the first is here at Mission: Space. The anti gravity ball out front is from the pavilion. There is also a sign on the floor in the gift shop. I hear there is a reference in the new Space Mountain, but I can't get out of EPCOT to go visit that park.

EPCOT---the old and new logos:

Songs of EPCOT: ( I have all of these unless noted...still collecting)
There are more songs that I have not mentioned.

Makin' Memories featured before Magic Journeys and Captain EO
Magic Journeys
Another part of me featured at the end of Captain EO
Legacy featured in Future World
Tomorrow's Child featured in Spaceship Earth (about 2 renovations ago)
Universe of Energy
It's fun to be free featured in World of Motion
New Horizons and Space featured in Horizons

Not doing anything from World Showcase until a later date.