22 January 2011

ooooooo weee what's up with that?

What is up with this world? I am very confused on the whole state of affairs. What is wrong with this world? Oh my gosh, I sound like my grandmother!!!!!!!!

For one thing I notice that children seem to be ruling the world. WHY? Yeah, why? Since when did a child become all knowing, all seeing, and IN CHARGE? Don't get it.

Sarah Palin....Girl, I love you, you know that. I stand behind you and think that your ideals are good, but you are scaring me. I am starting to think that you are living in coo coo world. Honey, if you want to make a difference in 2012, step up, study, and quit being self centered. Now, please note that Huck has first place in my heart....so I will back him first. But girl, you can't compete with him. I am sorry, that is just how it is.

Dick Wolf...quit messing with the L&O formula, it works leave it alone.

Conan...I still need my tshirt. I promise you, I am your BIGGEST fan in Western KY. Hands down....This is THRICE that I have told you that.

Butt cracks...to the girl at ball practice/games that seems to think that I want to see everything she has got. I do not!!!! Please pull up your britches. I do not, have not, never will want to see your butt crack again.

Lone Oak First Baptist...I love your Upward program, but am kind of jealous when I hear that First Baptist Paducah has a fog machine.

Summit Entertainment....why do you think it is a good idea to make me wait until November to see this movie? Okay, I get it, because once these 2 movies come out that is it, it's over. You want me to savor the time and enjoy what I have...but I want to see my vampires do new things.

Stephanie Meyer...that brings me to you...please write more back stories on vampires....I love Bree Tanner, love every page of that book and need more. One on Riley, one on Fred, one on Jane, one on Carlisle...come on you can do it.

Nook/Kindle/Laputa/aldiko....I need Philippa Carr in digital form please.

cheaters....stop cheating, I can't stand you. I can't understand why you can make a vow in front of God and your church and then throw it away for a moments/moments of passion. What is your problem?

John Grisham...I need a new book...please

Oatmeal...you and I are broken up. I am so sick of you. I understand that you are going to help me live longer, but I am tired of your texture. I am tired of the smell of you. I am sick of consuming you. Why do you have to be "good for me". I think we are done...yes, we are...I shall go to cheerios, which is not much better.

Heidi Eyer....you would have so much fun on a vacation with me....yes you would.

nail biter....yes, you Michelle Champion...STOP IT!!! STOP IT right now!!!! STOP IT!!!

Love...I thought it was forever. Mine seems to grow deeper. I can't understand why some of you use "love" like a state of mind, instead of an emotion. I love many things yes, some on deep levels (my husband) and some cause they make me happy (disney) and others cause they give me a little satisfaction (electronics). I don't change my love cause I get mad at them. I just don't understand why some can say "I love you today" and tomorrow wake up and say "I don't love you anymore". It confuses me so much.

house cleaning....I have never loved you, so I can say that I hate you. Oh yes, you are a must because I can't stand living in filth....but I hate you. I would rather watch tv and read or scrapbook and you take that time from me. I hate you!!! Hate is a strong word, but I feel that way about you.

that is all my grievances for today. I am sure I will have more later. And probably a happiness because so much makes me happy.