29 January 2011

Please release me, let me go

Well, Bellsouth, I have hated you for years. Yes, years. I first had a contract with you and a bundle. I wanted so bad for that contract to end so I could dump you. Now the contract has ended and I can't find a replacement for you. Why is that? Are you telling me that there are NO affordable DSL/high speed internet people that I can afford so that I can dump you? I don't get it. I will not lose my satellite provider so I am NOT getting cable. I can't afford Hughes net. I was going to dump you and take my chances and you sweetened the deal by giving me free dsl. Well, free is still crappy when it never works. Do you realize that in the last 3 days this is what your service has been like...3 days ago, there was NO internet all ...not once all day. 2 days ago, there was no internet when I woke. It came back and then went away. Today day I have no internet until I make a phone call to you to complain and BAM it's back!!! What is your deal??????

The girl on the phone is dumb as a rock! She is asking about my modem/router and says "you can not have that router/modem". Well, I do cause I am looking right at it. Actually, its in my hand. Yes, it's a business modem so I can do work from home and my husband can do weather on the internet. I know that it is. Yes, a technician gave me the modem. No, I did not take it off the truck. He brought it in to my house and installed it. Yes, I know there is a filter on the line because we only have one phone jack and I am looking at the filter right now. Yes, I know the computer is pulled in the router because I have eyes and I can see it. Yes, I do want a tech to come out, that is why I am on this 1 hour phone call with you. I know I sound frustrated because I am...I am tired of waking up to a red light on the router. And then no internet for most of the day as well.

Wow, she is actually going to send someone out TODAY!! She is actually going to call me back tonight to check if I am happy. She is actually knows this is the last straw. WOW! Kimberly, I will tell you this. I am ready to break up with your boss. If you fix this, I will consider staying...if not well YOUR FIRED!!!