20 January 2011


I am not trying to display myself as the smarty pants of Paducah, KY! Never said that I was. Actually, I am very willing to admit that sometimes I don't have the answers, that I am not up on the latest and greatest, and that well, I know will never be a brain surgeon. There are somethings that I do know and would like very much for you to give me credit on that. I know about early childhood education, scrapbooking (products and techniques), I know a little about phones, I know a lot about Alaska and the National Parks, I know a tab about volcanoes, I know TONS about cruising and cruise ships, I can put together ANYTHING (and take it apart)I know a bunch about whales, about how to save a buck or two, have been paid to do murals, I am a trivia wiz and I know a bit about manipulating my android interface. I understand that you know more about me in other things, and I bow to you and give you credit where credit is due. I expect the same courtesy from you please?

Which one of you has won a contest on C-SPAN for your artistic abilities? Which one of you have installed a timer in your washer and dryer, a heating element in your dryer, been invited to speak at a local preschool event, installed a fan in a very tiny attic space, been paid to paint murals for people, competed with people from many states in a trivia competition? Again, I am not saying that you have not achieved some great things, and actually I would like to hear what you have done. Just remember that sometimes there are others that might know something about something that you are not skilled in. I know that when I have computer questions, I have my go to people; when I want to do electrical work, I have my go to people; when I need a car repair, I have my go to people...get it? I don't know it all! Never professed to know it all. I shall give you credit for the things that you can do, please do the same for ME!! I am not stupid, I am not unimportant, I am not just a babysitter, I am not just a blonde (no, it's more brown) that has no brains. I am a human that God made, and He gave me some talents and smarts and I would like His work credited please. Thanks...me