28 January 2011

You confuse me....

You claim you don't like pork, but everytime I look you are trying to make my taxes go to saving the woodland bees or the toothless beavers in Tennesseee.

You claim you are here for the little man, the middle class, but once you get elected...you forget all about us.

You claim you are not going to run for office, but you keep making moves, giving speeches, and attending functions that a candidate would do.

You claim that you never had relations will that person, but it always comes out that you have....and sometimes you have a child with them too...but you still say that you did not have sexual relations with them. Even after dna comes out, you claim your were faithful too your spouse.

You claim to follow the constitution, but when questioned a about part of the document, you ask what is that?

You claim to be one of us but in reality you don't do anything at home because you have tons of servants. Golly gee, you don't even take your own kids to their soccer games.

I am lost, sinking into a land of confusion (thanks phil collins), creating distrust, leaving me wanting to kick you out of office.
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