07 February 2011

Hi, I'm Michelle and I have an ........

addiction to gadgets. I admit it, and they say that admitting is the hardest part. However, I am not really ready to give up this problem. I love TECHNOLOGY! Really I should say gadgets. I love gadgets...gotta have more, gotta play with more, gotta study more. I was looking through my photos and found some photos of some of the gadgets that I have used over the years...This is kind of fun.

The first gadget was not something that I took a photo of....why not? It was cutting edge in its day and set John and I back a pretty penny. It was an invention called webtv. It brought me to the first taste of the internet. I pretty much fell in love with the internet then and there. We had the webtv while I was pregnant and on bed rest with Hannah, and pretty much all I did was surf the internet. I found other cross stitchers around the world, got blackwork patterns, and discovered people that loved Disney and much as I did. WONDERFUL FUN!!!!

My next gadget was a cell phone, a sprint flip phone, state of the art technology in its time. It was the time where phones were going from the bag phones to more portable things. Again no photo.

But this did start a love with phones...oh yes it did, I was hooked. The next couple of phones where the run of the mill free phone...but one day I was eligible for the upgrade of the fancy LG 8100. This things had great speakers, Vcast, a custom-able look...yeah I was in love. I loaded it up with as much music as I could put on that tiny mini sd card.

My next phone was the EnV....what a phone this was. Again it was another great music phone, but it had a full keyboard. I had to get my first text messaging plan (very tiny plan). I had 2 great covers for this phone a solid red one and this very cool colorful one. I hated to see this phone go....but it did. I was on a trip and the port would not allow the phone to charge. I got back home and went to verizon and they told me that the port was so dead that they could not even pull my contacts off the phone.

I upgraded to my first smartphone. A phone that I had been looking at for some time but thought it would never be a possibility, the samsung omnia. I loved this phone very much because it was a windows phone. It would sync up so nicely with my computer. It has 2 issues, you had to use a stylus because your finger was too fat for the touch screen and I broke 2 touchscreens and had to have the phone replaced (it was a warranty item both times). The last time that I went in to the verizon store to complain about it they said that it was no longer made and that I needed to upgrade. Here comes the Droid that I had loved since it came out...only I did better, I got the Droid X!!!

This is the phone of all phones. It will do anything, yep the commercial is right Droid Does!!! It really does. I have been using it since October 2010 and have not ONE complaint about anything that it can do. I have learned how to manipulate the interface and now it (like my omnia before) is strictly mine, no one has a droid quite like mine. It makes me very happy.

Then there is my camera. I have wanted a good camera all my life....literally all my life. My mom had an SLR when I was a kid and I have wanted a good camera ever since. I saved my money, traded in every old camera that I had and finally got the Kodak Z981. It is not an SLR, but has a 26 optical zoom and that is what I wanted it for. I don't really want to mess with lenses because my backpack is heavy enough on our trips, I needed something with a good zoom that I could pack around. I do believe that this is the camera. I have noticed that the sensor must not be very large because it gets "hot"(not temperature) when used in rapid succession for a long period of time. The zoom is very good, you must be stable at the 26x, I have had to fashion a portable bolt/string tripod and it seems to work fine. It will take photos in the plastic bag (that I use for wet conditions) and does a great job. I hardly use the scene settings because I like to mess with the fstop and all that junk. I am enjoying all that it can do...I got it in May 2010 and still love it...very much so. I am very pleased with the results it gave me in Alaska.

Dell Axium ...got this is in 2007...it was my first foray into the portable pc. I quickly picked up how to change the theme and the beginning stages of what one could call "apps". It was a fun tool. Even learned how to get pdf books on here so it was my very first electronic book reader. I still can use it for that purpose. It will no longer sync with a computer because the processor is too old. It will only do windows xp...no vista and no windows 7.

Gateway M 1600 series laptop...
Knew I needed a computer for work, wasn't really sure what to get. Saw this laptop on HSN and with the 6 payments, 3 gb RAM I thought ok this will work. It actually was delivered on 2/14/08...how special! It was red in color and a little bit amazing. I did upgrade the Vista OS to Windows 7 when that came out and fell right back in love with what it could do. It is a great piece of equipment and has served me well.

I shall now dive in one more time. I am having a pc made just for me and I am tickled pink about it. It has exactly what I want in a pc. I am getting the amazing Dell XPS that I have been drooling over since our home desktop started to bite the dust (a lovely celeron that has seen it's best day...512 RAM 160 Hard drive).

MP3 players...I am not an apple person so I use a Windows Media Player devices. On the left is my first one that lasted me 4 years. I can't seem to throw it away even though it no longer works. I loved the lanyard part and just the general set up of the device. On the right is my Christmas present from John (2010). It was a $60 player, but on sale for $40 and then we had a $20 rewards check for Best Buy so we got the player for $20 WOW!! It is great! It has a clip on it (just like a shuffle) and I have installed an 8gb card (which is FULL).