25 February 2011

non fat mocha skinny fat, tall fat, sugar free

I don't get all the coffee jargon can you tell? Can't order anything special in those coffee shops because I don't know (or is it that I don't care) what those crazy things are. What is the difference in a mocha and a latte'? Iced vs. chilled? Again, I say I don't really care.

What I care about is that I got a gift card for Christmas and because of the lack of a drive thru and the lack of the desire to go into the mall, I had not used all the money on the card. I decided today I would use the last $1.98 on my card. I went to the counter and told the girls, "I don't want a java chip ( that is the one thing I know how to order and <3). I want something different...but I don't know how to ask for it" The barrista (did I even spell that right?) behind the counter said "how about a latte'?" "Okay, I don't know what that is, but ok". She said "how about a non fat/sugar free latte'?" "UH< no, I want the fat and the sugar".

She made the drink and it was quite good, she did a carmael whatever the thing was that she made and I left. When I sat down in the car I thought to myself "why did she ask if I wanted a non fat/sugar free? Do I look like I need it or do I look like that is what I would drink?"

MMMM< that was sort of like asking a big girl "when the baby is due" isn't it? It just struck me as odd.

Anyway, lady at the Starbucks counter. I love your coffees and I will be back, I just hope you don't assume I want/need a drink based on what I look like. Thank you lady with lots of earrings and dark red hair....you must like alternative music and probably have tattoos and maybe like to drink beer...oh you don't like it when I judge you....mmmm neither do I!!!