10 February 2011

The Real Housewives of McCracken County

So here I sit wondering, why are all these loose moral, husband cheater on-ers, materialist, plastic surgery getting women getting all the attention in life? HUH? Come on let me describe a "REAL" housewife.

Married June 19, 1993
First child 1997, second in 2002
Currently, I have 176 children. 2 that I "own" free and outright 174 that I take care of so you can go to work.
I work over 40 hours per week outside of the home
I work over 40 hours per week inside the home
I cook at least 5 times a week and have dinner with my family every night.
I spend most of the day on Sundays preparing meals and lunches for the next week
I do not do outside in the yard work...nope
I have never cheated on my husband or my family
I don't envy your life cause mine is GREAT!!
I am not going to judge you because that is not my place and expect the same curiosity from you.
I wear makeup just to cover old age
My husband likes me without makeup (awe, he loves me)

Ok, so maybe I would not make for interesting TV, but think about it...a woman with morals. A woman that would NOT get plastic surgery (heck this woman won't even eat margarine cause flies won't eat it). A woman that can work outside the home, can work inside the home (without a house keeper) and still have time to create. A woman that READS, and reads alot! A woman that (OH MY GOSH, you can't say this on TV) believes in GOD! A woman that can change a dryer heating element and bandaid your boo boo. A woman that could be your friend and not try to date your husband or your son! A woman that could plan your vacation and save you thousands of dollars. A woman that can make a mean peanut butter pie and also plan a schedule for 174 children and 26 workers. A woman that wishes her family could come first but has to pay the bills too. A woman that can wear high heels and cook dinner. I don't think those housewives of Orange county can do that.

America's values are wrong, but I am not telling you anything you did not know. America, someone like me (or the ladies I know) should be your role models NOT those Beverly Hills ladies.