01 February 2011


My memory is bad..no terrible. Has been for as long as I remember. I was thinking, "Michelle, what are some memories from your childhood?" This is all I can think of....enjoy

1. The earliest memory is peeing down a heat vent in our trailer. I was very little but remember it well.

2. The second memory was Sterling's trailer burning down and my parents moving all the families beds into one room so that we could all be together in the event our trailer burned. I then got to use the second bedroom as a playroom. I was RICH! I had a playroom.

3. I remember making mud pirs and Sean brought down a dead fish and put that in my mud pie. He then made me eat the mud. I hated him.

4. Building a house. My parents built their house and let me play in the trenches of the septic tank system. Boy was this fun!

5. Date night....i remember my parents going on a date and leaning us with a sitter for the first time. They brought me my very first Barbie doll. Superstar barbie 1977. She was so perfect!

6. Blackboard...my grandmother got a giant blackboard for me. This became the design studio for my barbie town. I would draw the town on the board. This was a big deal...it took me days to make my town, just so I could play barbies.

7. I remember sitting on the bus telling myself. Life is a dream (cause of the song)....that really we were always dreaming...when we walked around it was a dream. Crazy, but that's me.

8. I remember peeing in my pants at school because my teacher would not let me go to the bathroom. She was so mean! I had to hide the pee stain by tying a sweater around my waist.

9. I remember hating my parents because they made me set, hoe and strip tobacco. It was so wrong! I hatred it so much.

10. I remember the first time I was old enough to remember seeing the rockies while we were crossing Kansas. One of my favorite childhood memories....snow capped mountains of Colorado....i love it out there!
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