27 February 2011

The wonder years

We were watching Kevin Arnold last night, and I could not help but think "you have liked some crazy things in your life Michelle Champion." That lead me to "I bet your parents thought you were strange". That lead me to "gosh, my teenage daughter liking Justin Bieber is strange to me". See how it cycles?

What was strange to my mom is still way cool to me, what is strange to me is way cool to my kid. So Hannah listen up! You may like Justin Beiber when you are "old" but you may question his taste in clothes. I do that to Def Leppard..."gosh you guys were so awesome, but why, why did you wear that outfit or NOT comb your hair?" You may grow up and spend hundreds of dollars on a ticket to see him and think "gosh Bieber you are still awesome".

Then I thought about the days where I was going to marry Michael Jackson. He did not know it but we were getting married. I remember the days when I dreamed I would go to a Def Leppard concert and Steve would see me in the crowd and think "wow, there is my biggest fan (say this with a British accent)"...well, that will never happen cause he drank himself to death (what a role model Steamin Steve Clark was). That got me thinking "MMMM< these people died from using drugs!!!!"

Celebrites start out cute and cuddly and end up a mess of drug/alcohol and eating disorders....

Child stars (like Bieber) are adorable, sweet, small, nice, grounded...and turn into little MONSTERS!!! Look at....Gary Coleman (dead), Michael Jackson (dead), Miley Cyrus (pushing the limits), Britney Spears, Leif Garrett (sigh), David Cassidy (sigh again), Andy Gibb (dead), Danny Donaduce (loser), Dana Plato (dead), Corey Haim (dead), and Charlie Sheen (train wreck). What a mess these people created and you see how many are dead.

On the other side, there are some that make it. They stay sweet, cute and cuddly....Natalie Portman, Ron Howard, Leonardo DiCaprio (I loved him on Growing Pains), Jodi Foster, Jason Bateman and Rick Schroader.

Some that went down that bad path and have pulled it back somehow and become cute again......Jodie Sweetin (she's there right?), Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr (I hope he is clean...I love him) and hopefully this list will continue.

I am not saying Miley or Justin are on drugs...this is a warning...look at where you can go little friends. You get famous hang with the wrong people and WHAM!!! You are addicted to drugs. I hope that the "heros" of my daughters youth do not convince her to try drugs/alcohol. I hope that her "heros" are smarter than to use drugs or alcohol. I hope that little Bieber and little Efron make it without using drugs. I would hate to add them to the next list.

Dead from drugs/alcohol:
Marilyn Monroe age 36
Jimi Hendrix
Elvis Presley age 42
Steve Clark age 30
Anna Nicole Smith
Heath Ledger (wasn't he in his 20's?)
River Phoenix (he was so cute)
Chris Farley

A portion of this list was created in my youth and scared me to death. I admit I never tried drugs because I did not want to "get weird" like the Beatles, or die like Marilyn, Elvis, Mama Cass, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, and Jessica Savitch.