01 February 2011

you are being honored...

Yes, you are. I am honoring you by letting you in on all my secrets. These are the products I use and adore. Dear companies who make said products...feel free to send me free ones at any time.

Toothbrush--Colgate Total professional series and an oral b freebie from the dentist. I brush up to 12 times per day.

Plax---Plaque loosening rinse......Terribly miss the blue but I do use the soft mint. Use it up to 12 times per day.

Shampoo and conditioner-Loreal Everstrong and ANY pantene

Tissues-ONLY puffs plus with lotion

Dental floss-waxed mint Johnson and Johnson ....will NOT use generic

Chapstick-Briarwood Gardens and Bert's Beewax

Eggs-Granny's or Eggland's best

Feel special don't you? Actually this is a ploy to get free products. You see, I don't like to spend money unless it's on a cruise or some fancy gadget, so yes, I will take free products and will give my endorsement. Yes, people do care about what I have to say. How rude? Look you keep reading so obviously YOU CARE!!!