11 February 2011

You are his cheeseburger

My favorite Veggie Tales song happens to be about a cheeseburger, which happens to be my favorite food. Problem is my favorite food is VERY bad for me. You see, last year I went to the doctor for routine getting old blood test. I was a walking time bomb! My cholesterol was 291!!! 291!!! It is supposed to be under 200. My doctor was shocked, she said she only tested that because of my age, she thought because of my size cholesterol would not be an issue. Turns out that maybe my family has had issues with that all along and no one told anybody. My grandfather was prone to mini stokes. I do NOT want to go down that road! I have many risk factors, a high stress job, a very busy life (I am not an idle person), this blood thing, and I love cheeseburgers. My mission sounded small but it was not. The first stage was to take a cholesterol lowing statin and begin to just watch how much fat I consume. The second part was harder because I am a red meat person. Yes, I eat meat I am the anti vegetarian...gotta have the stuff. I started eating Lean Cuisine type meals at work. And I have to be honest most of them taste good. The portions are smaller and that is good as well, the issue I have is the sodium. I have never nor will I ever like salt. I like to have a low salt diet. Alecia Bachuss (a girl at work) has helped me with this second part as well. She has taught me the fat content of some foods. Some foods you think are good for you, are the opposite...VERY BAD!!! Thanks Alecia for opening my eyes to this.

Well, today was the day...I went to the doctor and I stand at 167!!! It does not take a math expert to know that I have done GREAT!!! I am still eating my cheeseburgers, maybe not as often or not as many at one time. I have done exceptionally well for someone that eats on the go, eats in seconds because she is so hungry, has a family that won't eat veggies, and loves red meat.

I need to thank my prevastatin, my friend Alecia and Lean Cuisine for helping me on this journey. We are only part of the way there, it has to be maintained now. Wish me luck.