28 March 2011


Folks Dallas is coming back to town!!! About 10 years ago I heard a rumor that someone was making a redo of my all time favorite TV show DALLAS!! It was to star John Travolta and that in itself was fabulous. I waited and waited and then I heard, "the project has been shelved". Shelved? The greatest drama in history and they shelved the movie? Didn't JR give them some reason to bring him to the big screen? Come on, he hated Pam and plotted her demise in just the first 2 episodes. He cheats on Sue Ellen, he drinks himself crazy, he lies about the red files, he has an affair with Sue Ellen's sister, she shoots him causing the greatest cliff hanger ever. Then he lets her off by just sending her to California to have what he thinks is his baby, but it is really Jeff Faraday's baby...Folks that is just the first 3 seasons. He ends up divorcing Sue Ellen, marrying her again, losing control of Ewing Oil, going through his daddy's death, his mama's remarriage. Thinking his son might be Cliff's, still trying to get rid of Pam, Partnering up and then hating Ray, and then liking him and then hating him again. Wanting to kill Gary and Valine, puts lots of oil workers out of a job, blows up a tanker causing an oil spill, loses everything to a woman that he thought loved him. Made to marry Callie in a shotgun wedding, and in the end he sees what life had been like had he never been born. Yep, that's it, 14 seasons in about 3 minutes. You can see why Dallas is wonderful and I have not even told you about the FASHIONS and CARS!!!!

So there was plenty to put into a movie, but I guess they decide Travolta would be too expensive. Anyway, with the project shelved I had to resort to watching whatever snippets of the show they would air on tv, checking out the 4 season they have at the library and reading my books about the show.

Then a couple of years ago, the rumor mills were spinning again...."there may be a new Dallas project". My ears perked up A NEW ONE? Whatever could it be? For a while I heard nothing but that there were talks, then last year I heard TNT (we know Drama) had bought the rights. Stories were leaked, it's a go. Larry Hagman was cast! Patrick Duffy cast! Linda Gray cast! Victoria would NOT be cast because she wants to be far from Dallas. No mention of Steve, Ken, Susan, Charlene or Audrey. This year they announced the show would center around Christopher and John Ross (Bobby and JR's kids)...apparently they are running Ewing Enterprises. I am sure they get along about as well as Bobby and JR. How can you not be excited by this? JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher and John Ross are coming back!!!!!! I hope Cliff and Afton's little girl will play a part in the show too.

Frankly my dear, I don't care if you care about Dallas or not, I do and that is all that matters. Dallas is coming back and I shall watch!!!! Thanks TNT!!!