14 March 2011

I can't love you at these prices

In the 80's I was really into hair bands. Oh yes, I would listen to hair bands ALL THE TIME...as most of you know, hair bands are a thing of the past. They are all in their 50's (or older), some of them are sickly, and some have lost their boyish good looks; but I still love you. I still listen to you. Have you forgotten all of us 80's ladies that MADE you famous? I think you have...these young kids, they "don't know you", they won't go into mass "hysteria" for you, they wouldn't "runaway" for you, and they sure wouldn't be your "American Girl"....so why do you have to charge so much for your tickets?

I can't afford to see one of you, much less both of you. And I love you both dearly....Many scrapbook pages are devoted to your music and much of my hearing was lost on your music....and now I feel deserted.