29 March 2011

I love to read

Tonight I was sitting looking back through my book journal. Book journal? Yes, a book journal. This is a book I bought at the post office in 1995. I had never bought a journal and had nothing to record in a journal so I decided to record my books. I was so sick of thinking "did I read that?" or "did I enjoy that book" that I thought what a perfect way to keep up with stuff! I shall record every book I read and give it a ranking. Smiley face = good Frowny face = bad middle of the road face = so so stars means great and I need to read again. Gone with the Wind wins in the count of most read book, I am currently in the 39th time. I will finish in time for my 39th birthday (actually I want to finish ON my birthday). Some books I started and did not finish because they were so bad and they are listed as incomplete....and some say crappy next to them. I thought it might be fun to share some of the books with you today.

The entire Phillipa Carr collection----WONDERFUL!!!

Books about ice skating the worst was Fire on Ice about Tonya Harding

Planet of the Apes series---very good

Most of the Jean Plaidy novels---I love them all very much---about Kings and Queens of England (most anyway)

North and South series----Fantastic!!!

Many books on Presidents---worst was Burr by Gore Vidal

Many Titanic books---Best is A night to remember by Walter Lord

Mayor of Casterbridge (looks like 5 times in 14 years)

Song of the Siren is second with 23 reads (by Phillipa Carr)

All the Star Wars novels based on the movies

A Farewell to Arms 4 times in 14 years

Just about every John Grisham book---My favorite is the Firm

Lots of books that movies/tv shows were made about:
Babe: The Gallant Pig
American Beauty
Homicide: The Novel
Anna and the King of Siam
Texas (a mini series)
Wizard of Oz
Star Trek novels based on the movies
Scarlett (not good book or movie)
The Princess Diaries
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
All the Little House books
All the Twilight books (over and over and over...read them all in 4 days the first time I read them)
Charlie St Cloud

My Life by Bill Clinton
Faith of my FAthers by John McCAin (one of my fave books ever...should be required reading)
Growing Up Brady by Barry Williams
Most of the Nicolas Sparks books
All the Harry Potter books
Working on the Narnia books
Working on the HObbit

One I want them to make into a tv or movie:
Rhett Butler's people

Yeah, you are bored now...go read a book!!!