05 March 2011

Moving on up

I don't remember the exact day, but I remember being very happy when I was told we were getting a house!

Mom designed it and grandad and dad were building it. It was right down the street from General Tire and in a newish subdivision. Route 2 North Circle Drive. We had a horse shoe shaped road and everything!

We got to be around quite a bit during construction. We climbed through the septic tank tunnels, walked through studded walls, and played in the kitchen cabinets. Everything was going to be great! We had a huge room (at that time we were sharing a room)..a huge room with WHITE carpet!!! Why white? Good question..why mom?

We had a yellow bathroom (gross) and mom and dad had a blue one. I was amazed by the floor to ceiling windows, and that the kitchen table was built into the wall. We had a great front porch and a roof that almost touched the ground. (Don't Tell mom but we used to climb on the roof All the time.)

One day mom let Melanie move to the third bedroom and we all had our own room. This was the biggest thrill for me. I could move my room around like I wanted. I could leave my Barbies out for days and I could listen to my music. It was lovely.
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